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Five Times Tami Roman Had To Defend Her Weight Loss

Tami Roman has been around for a long time. The reality star turned television personality has evolved right before our eyes during her decades-long career. The biggest talking point when it comes to Ms. Roman is always her weight.  Tami was originally introduced to the world via MTV’s The Real World. On their first Los Angeles installment, the larger-than-life personality dominated the screen and became a fan favorite. These days she is a popular fixture on our screens, doing everything from hosting to acting, stand-up, and more. With her being so visible these days, it’s easier for people to pick at her appearance. The actress appears to always be getting thinner, with many fans expressing concern.

Back in 2014, fans began to notice that Tami appeared smaller than usual. At the time, Roman was a cast member on Basketball Wives. She admitted to using NV Clinical weight loss pills to help her lose up to 30lbs. “I lost seven pounds in the first week of taking NV without making any major changes to my life,” she said at the time. She became a spokesperson for the brand around that time. While Roman happily showed off her slimmer figure on social media, fans worried for her, citing that she looked too slim and possibly sick. People left mean comments and assumed that she was anorexic or ill. 

The year prior, Tami Roman lost her mother. Many attributed the dramatic weight change to her dealing with that loss. The devastated star took to social media to express her sadness. “My pain runs deep, my heart aches, my soul mourns – I have NEVER felt this way in my entire life. My mother is no longer with me, and I may never be the same. Jesus…be with me and my daughters.” 

The year 2018 brought with it renewed interest in Tami Roman’s physical appearance and health issues. Tami took some of the backlash from 2014 and turned it into a powerful statement about health and wellness. Tami revealed to fans that she was fighting type 2 diabetes and said it was to blame for her shifting weight. Roman says that she did not lose weight for fun and was really serious about getting her health together for her kids. “I didn’t lose weight. I lost my willingness to die,” she wrote. “DIABETES IS NO JOKE!…So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a “crackhead”…but I have two beautiful daughters, and I’m gon’ live for them by ANY means necessary.” 

Roman was still a cast member on Basketball Wives at the time and opened up about how mean comments from fellow castmates made her realize that transparency around her journey would make people more understanding and educated. Tami’s weight loss was in hopes of extending her life and keeping her diabetes at bay. She got her diagnosis when she was 50 years old. 

In November of 2021, Tami Roman used her platform as a guest on The Real to let fans know exactly how far back her weight issues go. Roman says that she attempted to become a model in her teens. She was so brutally broken down by the modeling agent that it immediately changed how she saw herself. Tami developed a terrible self-image and eating habits that followed her the rest of her life. 

Along the way, Tami developed mental health issues as well and started experimenting with extreme dieting. At one point, she even had her mouth wired shut to stop her from eating. A tearful Tami told the audience, “Now today, at 50 years old, I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and so my weight fluctuates with that, and you couple that with the disorder, it’s a hard thing to manage.”Tami attended this year’s BET Awards as part of the cast of The Ms. Pat Show. Once again, people pointed out how slim she looked.

Roman appeared wearing a black Harry Halim Paris dress with a high slit paired with black ankle strap high heels. Some fans commented things like, “Omg, you so skinny!” to which Roman fired back, “Now if I say, ‘OMG you a BIG [expletive] You gone be mad!”

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