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NBA Player Carmelo Anthony Spotted With 5-Year-Old Daughter For First Time

Carmelo Anthony was married to Lala Anthony for much of his time in the spotlight. The pair seemed very happy over their 17 years together and share a son named Kiyan Carmelo Anthony. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, things for the picture-perfect couple were everything but perfect.  Lala Anthony filed for divorce last year, citing “irreconcilable difference.” At the time, it was rumored that Carmelo had fathered a child with another woman and had been spotted out with her. Recently, he was spotted with their now 5-year-old daughter, confirming that he indeed is raising the girl. Let’s take a look at Melo’s history with the woman and where everybody stands now. 

Back in 2017, it began circulating that Carmelo Anthony was having an affair with a Chicago-based woman named Mia Angel Burks. Mia reportedly worked in education despite rumors that she was a stripper. According to various outlets, “she has a Master’s in Health Communication from Northwestern University, graduating from the prestigious school in 2016. She has a Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences in Biology and Public Health from Saint Augustine’s University.” Carmelo and Mia met at a place called Room Seven and hit it off quickly. Mia began traveling with Melo frequently as the two were clearly getting serious. Then rumors began to come out that Carmelo had gotten her pregnant.

Mia has been very public about their baby and has dragged Melo several times online for his absence in their baby’s life. Their daughter, Genesis, is the spitting image of Carmelo, and fans have pointed this out every time Mia posts pictures of her. She was sure to lets fans know that she had already conducted a DNA test to confirm Carmelo was the father and called people out for sliding in her DM’s to disrespect her. While Mia says she does not mind people bad-mouthing her, she does not appreciate people crossing the line and calling her daughter names in her DMs.

In a separate social media exchange, she also expressed her frustration with Carmelo for not defending their daughter and not showing up for her. “Her father may not defend her, but I will til’ the end. She didn’t ask to be here, and it doesn’t matter how she got here; she’s here. If u don’t want to see her, stay off my page. She ain’t-go-in-no-where-she ain’t-go-in-no-where.”

Many accused LaLa of being the one to keep him away from the child and told the Power star to “get over” herself on social media. Some felt she was within her rights to keep her husband away from his mistress, while others felt the child should not have to suffer because of its parent’s fighting. “So ppl mad at Lala because she won’t accept Carmelo’s child. I feel like she shouldn’t have to because he didn’t come into the marriage with that child and her vows was to him and not that child.”

Mia continued to post her baby girl, and eagle-eyed fans spotted what is clearly Carmelo, conveniently cropped right out of the pictures. The image shows Genesis posing for the camera sitting next to her dad. While his face is cut out, his Jesus piece necklace can be spotted in the frame. The Shade Room posted a side-by-side as proof that it is the NBA star. This would mean that he and Mia are on better terms, and he is spending more time with their daughter. 

Fans in the comments applauded Carmelo for finally stepping up. Some clowned him for even thinking he could deny the little girl because she looks so much like him. “Lil girl is him 😂 .. she looks just like him lmaooo” said one fan. “Aint no denying that,” said another. One fan summarized everyone’s thoughts, saying, “Can we take the word #alleged off? That’s his daughter, lol.” Carmelo was rumored to have fathered twins with another woman last year. It was rumored that the 38 year old Bronx native had wanted to get an abortion, but Melo failed to drive her to her appointment, so she decided to keep the baby. It was also reported that Melo flew the unidentified woman out to London to give birth in order to hide the baby from LaLa, but this was not confirmed either.

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