Former NBA Player Lamar Odom Fighting To Keep His Family Home, After Losing Ownership To Manager Who Forged Documents

Former NBA player Lamar Odom is set to lose his home after a former business associate “stole” from him. Odom is fighting back, however, and is currently suing his old management team for allegedly forging documents in order to seize his property.

Page Six reports that Lamar Odom fired his business manager Tonita Bybee back in May of 2022. Bybee is said to have masterminded a scheme to sell off a house owned by Odom in Brooklyn, NY, to a third party by forging a deed. This is not one of his NBA vanity purchases either; this is a home that has been in Lamar Odom’s family for almost 30 years. The former NBA player had an aunt living there named Carol Janean Mercer, who had just lost her husband, Michael Mercer, in August 2022.

Due to Bybee’s plotting, Auntie Carol is now facing eviction. Lamar Odom is suing Bybee for identity theft, conversion, embezzlement, misappropriation, and various other iterations of fraud. Odom also claims that Bybee used his personal information to accept money for public appearances that Odom never attended and to “to defraud people and businesses.”

Bybee has been trying to clear her name via her IG story. In it, she posted emails about the closing of the house and how the NBA player Lamar Odom was broke when he first came to her for help. She shared a photo of his Wells Fargo account and a borrower authorization that he signed. Bybee claims that the people who really stole from Lamar Odom are a company called EasyKnock Transactions. “Google the address and business ownership. It ain’t me,” she said in her story.

She also tagged Caldeon Cass in several posts. He is listed as the News Manager for Hollywood Unlocked and possibly the person who broke the story. She also posted a video defending herself.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released regarding Lamar Odom’s battle with former manager Tonita Bybee.

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