Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Reveals He Was ‘Homeless’ and Sleeping At The Arena While Playing With Warriors His Rookie Year

These days, Gilbert Arenas may be more known for his personal life drama, but we cannot forget that he was once a successful basketball star. The 3x NBA All-Star left the game in 2012 and has spent the last decade as a television and podcast host. He has a career full of highs and lows that are well documented in the media. Arenas recently shed light on his rookie year while talking to Vlad TV.

During Gilbert’s discussion with Vlad TV, Arenas opened up about when he was drafted as the 31st overall pick by the Golden State Warriors in 2001. Gilbert was supposed to be a first-round pick initially and admits that being chosen late left him disappointed and angry. Arenas hates the draft process and feels that it does not really show who can actually play basketball. “You have the top 20 picks practice by themselves. All you know is who is great a drill work.” He says that while he killed all his workouts and drills, the draft process allowed him to slide to the bottom because of their focus on drills. Arenas was drafted the same year as Kwame Brown in what has famously become known as the “high school” draft.

Shortly after this, Arenas managed to spend his entire $845K payment before his first game. He admits that his largest purchases were a massive chain and an Escalade truck with five televisions and a suede roof. Arenas claims to have not remembered how much money it was and just assumed he had so much more money coming to him he did not monitor his spending.

Shortly after this Arenas was placed on a strict $500 budget. Gilbert recalls that under this budget, he had very little room for much else besides showing up for practice and going home. Unfortunately, Arenas could barely do this either as a lot of times he could not afford the gas to and from the stadium. As a result, Arenas slept there, something he claims to be thankful for now.

Arenas was not played much during his rookie year and barely got to practice, claiming now that he was depressed for his first 30 games as a result. Since he had to sleep at the arena, Gilbert got to have extra practice and time to really think about his game and improve. As a result, Gilbert Arenas was eventually named NBA’s Most Improved Player in the 2002–03 season. Thanks to this honor, Gilbert Arenas scored a massive payday to sign with his next team, the Washington Wizards. It was a six-year, $60 million contract.

Most people are familiar with Gilbert Arenas thanks to the frequent drama between he and ex-wife Laura Govan. Govan is the mother of his 4 kids; Aloni Arenas, Izela Samaya Arenas, Hamiley Arenas and Alijah Amani Arenas. The pair split in 2014 after several rocky years and a failed engagement. Things got messy when rumors spread that he kicked her out of their million-dollar home and sold her engagement ring. Govan, who went on to star in Basketball Wives, was frequently disrespected by Arenas on social media and slammed for her relationships following their split.

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