Four Upcoming Projects Comedian Mo’Nique Has On Deck Now That She’s No Longer Blackballed And Reunited With Lee Daniels

You can’t keep a good woman down, and Mo’Nique is proving this today. The comedian and actress has been resilient in her fight following the announcement that she was blackballed from the entertainment industry. But it appears that a change in the tide has arrived for the acclaimed actress. A long-awaited apology from Lee Daniels has and will hopefully circumvent the attempted black-balling of her career. Now, a flurry of new projects has been announced, as well as a few potentials for Mo’Nique.

Usually, when you’re fresh off of a prestigious award win like the Academy Awards, the windows of heaven open up and pour out numerous blessings. Basically, the world opens up for most who win such an honor. But for Mo’Nique, things happened quite differently. As the world watched her accept the accolade for Best Supporting Actress, everyone expected different results for Mo’Nique.  

But years of hardships and issues with Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey, coupled with her Netflix drama, hindered Mo’Nique’s career. However, thankfully things have begun to turn around.

For one, rapper 50 Cent has been highly vocal as of late in his support for Mo’Nique and her career. The executive producer of Power took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Oprah and Tyler Perry’s involvement in the matter, stating that they should use their influence to stop the damage done to Mo’Nique’s career. “…this has went on for[too] long,” wrote 50 Cent in the caption. Continuing, he promised that he would utilize her on an upcoming project. However, he did not specify what he would use Mo’Nique for.  

Following his statements, 50 Cent returned to Instagram to share that he and Tyler Perry had a conversation. Within that conversation, the rapper shared that Perry expressed he “never told anyone not to hire Mo’Nique.” And although he could not speak on Oprah’s behalf, he claims to be “sure” that Oprah has no issues with Mo’nique. He even went as far as to claim that Mo’nique’s name has been spoken in rooms that she doesn’t know about by the two. “I’m so happy for Mo right now,” wrote Fif.

The good days kept pouring in for Mo’Nique. During her recent Staten Island show, she was greeted by Lee Daniels, who publicly apologized for his part in the drama. Shortly after, it was announced that Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels were collaborating once again on another upcoming project.

On April 1st, Deadline issued a report that Mo’Nique was now attached to star in the Netflix film Demon House. The film is produced by Lee Daniels, and Mo’Nique will be replacing Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer, who had scheduling conflicts with a previous commitment.  

According to What’s On Netflix, Demon House is based on a true-life experience of a woman named Latoya Ammons and her family. Ammons’ claims of her household in Gary, IN, being “victims of a demonic possession” for over two years gained worldwide attention for the highly unusual experiences she states her family was subjected to. 

The widely covered case included accounts from the Department of Child Services, the local police department, etc., that claim to have witnessed bizarre events. Deadline also reports that the film will begin production in June. Mo’Nique will also reportedly star alongside Andra Day, Aunjanue Ellis, and Glenn Close in the movie.

Also upcoming for the Emmy-nominated actress is a project entitled “The Reading.” The film, executive produced by Mo’Nique and her husband’s production company Hicks Media, is currently in post-production. Described as a thriller, “The Reading” will see Mo’Nique portray the lead character named Emma Leeden.  

According to screenwriter Courtney Glaude, Leeden is a published author who encounters a 19-year-old medium when she decides to engage in a publicity stunt to boost attention to her latest book. However, due to the accuracy of this medium, a series of events begin to occur to Mo’nique’s character. The Reading will also co-star Project Runway star Chasity Sereal.

Finally, it has been reported that Mo’Nique will star in an upcoming action movie entitled Mother Trucker. According to Variety, the actress is set to play a “bad-a**” who goes on a rage to find the racist individuals responsible for her husband’s death. Mo’nique described the script as a “unique” one that both she and her husband viewed as “special.” Unfortunately, further information has not been revealed about when it will go into production or be released.  

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