Friday Actress Regina King Didn’t Know ‘Bye Felicia’ Came From The Movie ‘Friday’

If we’ve been reminded of nothing else over these last few years, it is that Friday is responsible for a lot of stars and a lot of pop culture references. Few have managed to have the level of success and consistency as Craig’s sister Dana Jones played by Regina King. While it was a slow climb for the actress, King has cracked into the a-list thanks to her work in projects like The Watchmen, Seven Seconds and The Boondocks. Many met King for the first time thanks to a slew of 90’s films like Poetic Justice, Boyz In The Hood and of course Friday. King recently made a hilarious revelation when she revealed that she was unaware that a popular internet saying originated in the film with her.

The saying Bye Felisha has spun off into a life of its own in the years since Friday’s release. So much so that some people forget it originates from the movie. For those who do not remember, Felisha was the neighborhood’s resident addict. Played by Angela Means, Felisha would wander around asking for money and mooch off of the locals, including Craig and Smokey. She was also Deebo’s girlfriend and sister to Nia Long’s Debbie.

In the film, Craig famously dismisses Felisha after she asks him to borrow a car and other items. Smokey jokes that most people want to borrow sugar or ketchup but not a car. Craig brushes her off and says, “Bye Felisha,” while Smokey waves her off hilariously. Felisha walks off, annoyed and picking her wedgie before crossing the street.
The internet era frequently changes the spelling to Felicia. Although Angela Means would not become one of Friday’s many breakout stars, she did go on to act in several other properties, including Cousin Skeeter and House Party 3, before opening up a popular Vegan soul food restaurant in the Los Angeles area.

Her on-screen neighbor Regina King had a very different trajectory. Following Friday, she continued to work in Hollywood with her roles becoming bigger and more mainstream. The last decade in particular has been incredible for her, with starring roles scoring her critical acclaim. She won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in If Beale Street Could Talk. She also won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie in both 2018 and 2020 for Seven Seconds and Watchmen.

It’s been almost 30 years since Friday dropped and only recently that Regina King realized that Bye Felisha came from the movie. In a recent interview with, King admitted that she did not know the saying was tied to the 1995 cult classic. “Bye Felisha must have been out for two or three years when I found out it was from Friday,” she told them during a round of The B-Side. She admits she had to buy a DVD and fast forward to see when the line is said by Craig. “Shoutout to Angie,” she says, shouting out the actress behind Felisha.

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