Friday’s Angela Means Believes Nia Long Needs To Forgive Fiance, Ime Udoka, But Questions Their Long Engagement

Many people have been sharing their opinions of Nia Long and Ime Udoka’s situation. The Celtics’ head coach was forced to step down from his position for the season after it was revealed that he had been having a consensual affair with a female staffer. While many have rallied behind Nia Long and are supporting her as she figures out what she wants to do next, others feel that Ime is the one who needs the support and are hoping Nia “does right by him” and forgives him.

Many celebrities have come forward to defend Ime, claiming that he is only a man and has made a mistake. Marlon Wayans says that Nia leaving Ime would be a mistake and that she needs to love him through what he did instead of letting him go. Friday actress Angela Means is also speaking out in Ime’s defense. According to Angela, cheating on your wife should be looked at the same way one looks at a believer of God who has sinned.

Angela feels if sinners can be forgiven in the eyes of the lord, cheaters should be forgiven by their partners. “We all sin. We’re all human. We’re all natural beings that can’t be controlled. Nobody has a remote control on you, and nothing is happening to you. It’s happening for you to make you more patient. Makes you stronger. Makes you more loving.”

Angela continues, saying that Ime’s cheating should not be a direct reflection of his love for Nia. Instead, she feels that Nia is the problem if she cannot forgive him. “When someone does something so low, and you deem it’re the problem. You’re the problem if you deem anything to be unforgivable. You’re the problem. It did not happen to you. It happened for you.”

Angela believes that Nia and Ime’s issues are deeper than the cheating and wonders why after a decade, the pair had not gotten married. “They’re not married. They’ve been engaged for a decade. So there’s all kinds of things happening. There’s a reason that he didn’t marry her. We don’t know. She knows. ”

Do you think Angela Means has a point? Do you think Nia Long should’ve taken the long engagement as a red flag?

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