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From Kim Burrell Calling People Broke To Juanita Bynum Selling $2,000 Packages, Many People Are Wondering What’s Going On?

If you have been paying attention, a lot of uncanny and wild behavior is being exposed within the Black house of worship on social media. It appears every month, a new video clip is uploaded to various social media platforms with questionable activity happening, either in the house of worship or with your favorite gospel artist. Now, with the latest occurrence happening with repeat offender Kim Burrell, people are wondering what is happening in the Black church?

For instance, there was the widely publicized robbery that occurred during controversial Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s Sunday morning service. Much of social media’s attention became arrested in July after one of his services was interrupted by men with weapons. The event was broadcasted on his Livestream and was the cause of much speculation. Many believed that Whitehead was behind the alleged events, primarily due to his sketchy past. In addition, much of his antics following would continue the backlash, including a recent physical altercation with a woman during another September church service. 

Then there is Prophetess Juanita Bynum. The world-renowned gospel singer, pastor, author, and television personality recently came under fire after announcing an October prayer institute in Atlanta with an initial hefty cost of $1999, but has since been discounted to $1,499. Many on social media questioned why there would be a need to pay for prayers.

According to her website, individuals who purchase would receive (7) two-hour intensive sessions, a tote bag, binder, journal, anointing oil, certificate and mantling of a full prayer shawl by Dr. Bynum. In other sections of Bynum’s website she’s also selling ‘vow cards’ which are similar to credit cards. Individuals who purchase the ‘vow’ cards will be allotted a percentage off all purchases made on her site for one year.

Finally, there’s Kim Burrell. Much of her recent history has been marred with controversy for her controversial comments toward the LGBT+ community. It seemed that the chickens came to roost for the gospel singer after a recent appearance on the Tamron Hall Show went left. Burrell tried to explain her comments but instead explained her disappointment with some people in the gospel community for not having her back, explicitly naming Yolanda Adams.  

Social media users criticized Kim Burrell for deflecting and not appearing to take accountability for her actions. With all that is going on in the Black church, one person commented, “I don’t know who is worse from you calling people broke then apologizing while wearing a shirt that [says] millions, billions, trillions showed you weren’t even sorry then dragging Yolanda into it. Then you have pastor Bynum charging people $2,000 dollars for prayer, the Clark sisters happy their music is part of a worldly Beyonce song. What the heck is going on with the black church?”



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