Future’s Social Media Flooded By Disappointed Fans, Following Baby Mother’s Confession

Future may be busy trying to make Russell Wilson uncomfortable everywhere he goes, but it looks like his unidentified baby momma is giving him a taste of his own medicine. Taste being the operative word here because the woman is making sure to let everyone know that Future likes to be tasted in some pretty unmentionable areas. Whether or not she is trying to embarrass him or just expose his secret bedroom fetishes, fans have not hesitated to jump in his comments and inquire if it’s true.

While Ciara, Eliza Reign, and Joie Chavis are amongst his most famous baby mothers, Future shocked the world during a mother’s day post in 2020 when he mentioned two additional children and their mommas that no one knew about. One of these women, whose posts have all been edited to hide her identity, has been having a field day on social media this week trying to drum up the drama with Future because she is currently not getting the support from him that she desires. 

In a series of IG story posts, she discussed how she has always had her own money and resources but understandably welcomes help from her millionaire ex. She talks about how Future is toxic and is pretty used to being able to go back and forth between exes, something she’s grown accustomed to. However, she feels like the only natural way to get a response out of him is to make his issues public because he hates that.  In her rant, she also made sure to open up about eating his groceries, and fans have not been able to contain their enjoyment at this revelation. They flooded his comments saying some outlandish things.

The baby mother in question returned with a follow-up statement, letting it be known that eating Future out is not the first or last time she will be servicing a man in that way. She also clarified that she is not just a dancer, she is a businesswoman. She says her whole outburst is to let him know she is not his “puppet.” Not everyone is buying it and just thinks it’s all a cry for attention. “Some of all don’t take enough sh*t to the grave for me. 😭” commented one person. “So u just out here, Booty licking folks??? Girl, u know what…. Ain’t no amount of mouthwash.” 

Future’s socials show no signs of a response. His IG story is filled with promotions from a recent single, while his last post is 11 weeks old. Over on Twitter, he has not said anything either, although plenty of people are there as well clowning him. 

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