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Future’s Child Support Troubles Resurfaces Following Latest Baby Mother Making Harsh Claims About Rapper

Rapper Future is a hard-working entertainer. The man stays on tour; he’s constantly releasing music and always at an event or award show. This makes even more sense when you’re reminded that the Atlanta icon has several mouths to feed. Future has kept a bad rep when it comes to his co-parenting and relationships with his children and their mothers. Let’s take a look at some of his more monumental stories relating to child support and disgruntled baby mothers.

Back in 2020, Future tried to make nice with his baby mommas, doing a series of thank you posts to them on Twitter and shouting them all out by name. In total, Future has eight kids across eight different women. While some of them are already known, like Ciara and Joie Chavis, others have found fame through their association with him, like Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, and Eliza Reign.

One of his lesser know baby mothers recently exposed Future after she claimed she did everything to stay in his good gracious, but he cut her off after she stopped “pleasing him.” The woman opened up about doing things for Future that made her uncomfortable, like being intimate while pregnant or “eating his groceries.” However, Future did not value any of this, so she took to IG to expose him, bringing all his business to the blogs.

This is not the first time one of his baby mommas has put him on front street. Jessica Smith sued Future in 2015, claiming that his neglect of their then 14-year-old son had resulted in severe behavioral and emotional issues for the child. This is an actual disorder called EDB, and Smith claimed that his father’s absence, coupled with his extreme fame, was forcing her son to retreat from school and begin failing classes. At the time, Smith was only getting $2800 a month in child support which she claimed was too low. She also demanded he cover her attorney fees.

Around the same time, Future and Ciara were in court over a defamation suit. Ciara claims that Future’s constant taunting in the media has impacted her professionally. She sued her ex-boyfriend for $15 million. Future criticized her for bringing Russell Wilson around their son and accused her of being a bad mother. Years later the two seemed to be in a good space co-parenting. However, the rapper still continues to attack her relationship in 2022.

Future will say or do anything to deflect blame and even lied in court about his jewelry and living situation to avoid giving money to Eliza Reign during their child support suit. Future claimed he only had a two-bedroom apartment and all his jewelry was fake. He also claimed not to know who owned the apartment because he let his business manager handle things on his behalf. Eliza’s team did some digging and uncovered that Future actually lived in a 5-bedroom, 7-and-a-half-bathroom mansion.

In 2020, another woman named Cindy Parker came forward, claiming Future was the father of her 1-year-old son. While she was not able to serve him with papers, she was eventually able to link up with Eliza, and the two confirmed that their children’s DNA matched, making them half-siblings. Eventually, Cindy withdrew her case against Future, which they are believed to have settled out of court. It is unclear if Cindy is the same woman who recently began exposing him online.

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