Gabrielle Union Admits She Constantly Worries About Money, Claims Her and Dwayne Wade Goes 50/50 On All Bills

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are a high-profile couple.

The A-list actress and NBA legend work hard and have a lot of ways they can make money in 2023. In addition to their respective careers, they are also popular public figures who can have someone cut a check just for them to smile from their backyard. Union recently revealed that despite their fortune, she still worries about bills.

Gabrielle Union is still a black actress in Hollywood, after all. She is well aware of the lack of roles for women of color and women over a certain age, and recently confessed that with the added responsibilities in her life of being a mother, any canceled movie can send her into financial turmoil. While discussing this in an interview, Union cringed when admitting that she still feels like she’s one failed movie away from losing it all.

Union admits that she used to be driven by a scarcity mindset when navigating her life. In addition to this, she says that she helps take care of other households outside of hers with Dwyane. “I’m trying to find peace in the journey,” she admits. Union says that people around her try to calm her down by reassuring her that money and opportunities are coming.

“I get nervous if a movie doesn’t open. Am I gonna have enough to hold everyone up?” she admits before going into how she’s “head of household” outside of her home but splits everything related to her marriage and children 50/50 with Wade. “In the other households that each of us has to support, it puts this gorilla on your back that’s like, ‘you better work b****.'”

While many applauded Union’s honesty and transparency, others felt like 50/50 is a lot to ask of an actress who makes less than her husband. “50/50? …nah, the n**** worth close to 3xs more than her and had a baby on you….and you splitting everything down the middle. She a ‘pick me’ ass chick. Anything for the ‘I’m the wife title’ smh.” Another person said, “Why would you split bills 50/50 with someone who earns over 3x what you make Gabby? This math ain’t mathing.”

Gabrielle Union has a net worth of $40 million compared to Dwayne Wade’s $170 million net worth.

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