Gabrielle Union Stopped Allowing Dwayne Wade To Pay The Bills After He Called Their Home “His House”

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade continue to be couple’s goals for many. The transparent pair are open about everything from parenting to infidelity to their financial life.

Recently, Dwyane sat down with Shannon Sharpe to discuss how he and Union make choices as a team and the moment she decided they needed to split everything 50/50.

Dwyane Wade explains that he and his wife have a lot of different people counting on them, but they still manage to keep their joint bills 50/50. “50/50 in our household. First of all, let’s say I have 20 to 50 responsibilities, and my wife has 20 to 50 responsibilities.

That means she has her mother, she has her sisters, her dad, she has a lot of things that she’s responsible for. She pays 100% of that,” he explained. Wade says he, too, pays 100% of his life.

Wade explains that during a stay at his home in Miami, he made a comment that the house was his, and he paid for it. Union decided that she never wanted to hear that again. “So my wife was like, when we move to L.A., I got half on it.

You will never say ‘my house’ again.” Wade says the 50/50 extends into how they raise their children as well. Wade champions his wife and the hard work she puts in as an actress and says that even though he could afford the family lifestyle alone, she puts in a bit extra so they can really “ball out.”

Fans recall that Gabrielle Union said the same thing a few months ago and got called out by fans who believed 50/50 was unfair, considering how much more money Dwayne makes than her. Following his comments on it, the picture became clearer for some.

One fan summarized it by saying, “So basically, you made a comment that made her feel unsafe & she said you’ll never pull that on me again.”

Many noted that Union’s reaction was a “triggered” response, and her decision to split everything going forward was out of fear. “He belittled her, and she never wanted to feel that way again. It’s actually his fault,” commented another.

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