George Wallace Wants Chris Rock To Sue Will Smith For $200 Million, Claims He Doesn’t Like Will Smith or His Family

George Wallace is an American comedian and actor. The beloved funny man is known for his roles in Batman Forever, The LadyKillers, and a guest appearance on Seinfeld and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He toured extensively in the ’70s and opened for the likes of George Benson, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, and Smokey Robinson. Wallace has been around, and as a result, he has formed relationships and opinions with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Wallace is the latest to weigh in on the Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar slap. Unfortunately for Will, Wallace seems to be team Chris Rock and let Smith and his family have a piece of his mind recently. 

Chris Rock has had a very busy year. The “slap heard around the world” occurred right in the middle of a very packed touring schedule for the comic. Not only did it increase interest in his show, The Ego Death World Tour, but ticket sales shot through the roof. He was able to launch a second tour with Kevin Hart, the co-headlining Only Headliners Allowed Tour, which just wrapped in New York. 

Through both shows, Rock has gradually let his thoughts be known on the incident. While he initially asked fans for time to process what happened, he is now stating that he really just prefers to move on and does not want to dwell on what happened. Rock says he is not a victim and shook the slap off pretty quickly. “I shook that off and went to work the next day … I don’t go to the hospital for a papercut,” he said during a recent show. Will Smith has remained quiet, releasing a written statement following the slap and then a video last week apologizing yet again. He has made it clear that he is open to talking to Chris Rock and making things right, but Rock has yet to accept his offer. 

Immediately following the Oscars, George Wallace spoke to CNN and expressed his hope that Chris Rock would sue Will Smith. “Legendary comedian George Wallace says that Chris Rock should sue Will Smith for the Oscar slap because it will be a stain on Rock professionally going forward,” they said in a video interview. Wallace said that someone rushing the stage like that could open the door for other people to want to do the same, which is true as we saw at the Hollywood Bowl show when someone ran on stage to tackle Dave Chappelle. 

George Wallace is still very upset, so much so that he “started cussing” for the first time. During an interview with Comic Pierre, Wallace says that when Will slapped Chris, he slapped every comic. George says he shed a tear and got really upset. “I love Will Smith, but I don’t like him today,” he confessed. He let off several explicits and called Jada Pinkett Smith “G.I Jane” while referring to Willow and Jaden as “those two weird a** kids.” 

George doubled down on his desire for Chris to sue Will for $200 million because he feels that Chris Rock will be reminded of this for the rest of his life. The comedian believes after the incident Chris Rock will no longer be able to get a food endorsement deal because the taste was slapped out his mouth. Do you agree with George Wallace?

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