Gospel Singer Kelly Price Now Breathing 100% On Her Own: “I’m Very Grateful For That”

Kelly Price is coming to terms with her life following a scary battle. The R&B diva sent the world into a shock when it was reported a few weeks ago that she had gone missing following contracting the virus. In the time since, the story has only gotten stranger and scarier. However, Price updated fans via an Instagram live last night and it seems things are finally moving in the right direction for the “Friend of Mine” vocalist.

Kelly looked beautiful and healthy as she addressed fans. The Shade Room posted a screen recording of her chat where she told fans it might be a while before they will hear her signature voice live again. “Me coming on the other side of COVID…if I wanted to sing a song right now, I could probably sing it but not full out” she said, sounding very sad. “I can’t do a concert because I don’t have the capacity or the stamina to get through an entire concert just yet.” She goes on to explain that her post-hospital regimen includes regular visits to both a respiratory therapist and a cardiologist, something that has been hard for her to adjust to. “Since being out of the hospital I do have to have respiratory therapy. I have to see a cardiologist. That’s probably been one of the hardest things to accept. I’ve never had any kind of issues like that.”

Kelly Price admits that she was also having issues breathing, and for a time was getting aid from an oxygen concentrator. She was happy to report that she can now fully breath on her own and has been for about two weeks now. “Up until just a couple of weeks ago, even though I wasn’t connected to an oxygen machine every single day, I do have a portable oxygen concentrator. It’s only been two weeks that I haven’t had to use the concentrator on a regular basis. I am breathing 100% on my own right now and I’m very grateful for that.”

Fans in the live showered her with praise and support, many looking forward to the day they’ll be able to hear her sing live again. It was definitely a lot darker for Price a few weeks ago. Initially, family members had reported her missing following her being admitted to the hospital with COVID.

Price eventually spoke out and let everyone know she was ok and off healing in private under the watch of her boyfriend. She revealed that she is not very close with her family and does not regularly check in with them, which is probably why the reported her missing. While conspiracy theorist continued to stoke the flames, making claims that her boyfriend may be holding her hostage or abusing her, Kelly Price took to TMZ to set the record straight and let everyone know how real it got for her during the worst of it.

“I died”, she said in an interview, revealing that at one point during being treated she flatlined. She recalls waking up and finding out that it was days later. Doctors asked her what year it was. The whole ordeal is terrifying, but Price seems to be soldiering on in good spirits. One fan in the comments summed it up pretty well saying “Y’all can keep playing with COVID if you want to. I pray she makes a full recovery and can sing the way she did once before.”

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