Has Social Media Made Everyone Think They’re A Celebrity?

Have you ever asked the question to yourself, “How is this person famous?” Since the rise of social media, so many people have seemingly become celebrities overnight. Truthfully, social media has broken the doors down for many who typically would not be considered for specific areas. As the saying goes, your gift will make room for you, which has rightfully been the case for many deserving people who have gained a massive following. But some happened upon a case of “good luck.” Lebron James made a recent post to shed light on the delusional ones on social media.

Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and the latest craze TikTok, have shifted the times in many ways. Folks who may not have had access to various opportunities within their field or gifting now have an open window to let their light shine. Exposure was taken to new heights for creatives and business owners, along with other personalities. The music industry was gifted with new talent that rose to the stratosphere via social media. From the YouTube days where artists like Justin Bieber were discovered after videos that he uploaded got into the hands of a manager. The Myspace days were also credited for discovering prominent artists like Calvin Harris and Sean Kingston.

Perhaps one of the biggest social media celebrity stories of late has to be the success of Lil Nas X. The then 19-year-old uploaded the song “Old Town Road” to Soundcloud in late 2018 with no idea that it would soon become a global phenomenon. The rapper then created a TikTok video to help gain traction for the song, which eventually landed him a major recording contract. As a result, Lil Nas X is now one of the world’s biggest celebrities. Other major influencers like the Kardashians have immensely benefitted from social media with their businesses. In addition, multiple new actors and comedians have surfaced, such as DC Young Fly and Jess Hilarious.

But then others have gone viral on social media and attempted to use that as leverage to become a celebrity. For example, early in 2021, a woman named Tessica Brown would forever be known as “Gorilla Glue Girl” after a video went viral of her stiff hair due to the application of the intense adhesive. The story gripped social media as she gained notoriety and soon corrected her error surgically. But with all the newfound followers and attention, Brown attempted to maintain it by creating a line of merchandise with the brand “Bonded for Life.”

We were introduced to the Osundairo brothers in early 2019 when it was revealed that they were a part of actor Jussie Smollett’s alleged attack in Chicago. The brothers, also actors and athletes, are now seemingly using all of the press surrounding the case and the newfound attention. They are currently promoting a line of hats similar to the MAGA hat, but instead, it symbolizes “Make Africa Great Again.” The brothers have also set up an OnlyFans profile they are promoting.

With the uprising of various personalities vying to become social media’s next top celebrity, Lebron James is seemingly fed up. Taking to Instagram, he captioned a photo quoting lyrics from Russ’s single “Sheep,” targeting those who have a skewed view of their social media status. “I’m from the generation where it isn’t cool to be haters. You see, social media made everyone think they’re celebrities, but what have y’all done that’s worth celebratin’? And everybody got the same personality and identities, the sheep just multiply, this [stuff] is devastatin’ and embarrassin’, hahaha,” wrote Lebron James.

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