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‘He Learned That From Uncle Clifford’: P. Valley Star Tyler Lepley Praised After Giving His Girl A Bob Haircut

“P-Valley” star Tyler Lepley is a taken man now and letting IG know. The much-lauded after heartthrob found his match in model and social media star Miracle Watts. The beautiful pair have been wasting no time making things official for the gram with a series of sexy shots and images coupled up. Their latest offering to fans brings new meaning to the word “goals,” as Watts is seen in a video getting a haircut by boyfriend Lepley.

The pair went public sometime in October, but Watts made sure to let fans know by her caption that they’ve been going steady since the summer. “6.14.21 🖤” she captioned one picture of them together in a lounge. Lepley was formally on The Oprah Winfrey Network’s ‘The Haves and Have Nots’ and has been the topic of headlines for a while. People have been fascinated by the stars’ good looks since he first broke out, and conversation about who he’s dating seems to always be going.

Last winter he silenced rumors about his sexuality after some had assumed he was in a relationship with media mogul Tyler Perry. During an interview with Angela Yee’s podcast “Lip Service,” he said he was aware of social media saying that he was gay and in a relationship with Perry. Lepley says he’s aware of people’s perception of Perry and how it may reflect on him but confirmed to the Lip Service panel that both he and Perry are heterosexual and not in a relationship.

At the beginning of 2020, Leplay stated he was off the marketing and quarantining with a girlfriend, at the time rumored to be an entertainment agent named April King. By this summer, that seemed to be over as Watts began posting videos of herself and what many assumed to be Leplay based on his tattoos in her stories. The pair might have met on the set of P-Valley as Leplay will be reprising his role of Diamond while Watts has joined the cast in an unknown role.

Lepley seems to know a thing or two about helping his lady stay fly and the two have been showing off how they work together to keep Watts looking sexy. In an Instagram story from October Watts is seen allowing Lepley to apply her lashes for her. “Get you a man that can apply your lashes !! (heart emoji)” she said in the story. Over the next few videos, she marveled as his work saying, “he really put them on!!!” followed by “omg they look so good. I’m in such disbelief!!!”

The Shade Room reposted some of Watts’s stories where she shows Lepley giving her a haircut. Not just any haircut though, Tyler is precise with the clippers helping his girl achieve a bob look for the new year. “Shawty did that!!!” she said in the caption.

Fans in the captions said that maybe Lepley had picked up some tricks from his P-Valley co-star Uncle Clifford., with one individual stating, “He learned that from Uncle Clifford.” Others joked, “They skipped the “Bae can you grease my scalp ?” phase and went straight to the barbershop with it .. THE TRUST IN THE ROOM. ” Ladies would you trust your man to cut your hair?

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