Hollywood Unlock’s Jason Lee Recalls Rapper T.I. Having An Altercation With Professional Athlete That Didn’t End Well

Jason Lee is one of the biggest names in the gossip space.

The Instagram personality has used his platform and relationships to leverage some power moves in the entertainment industry. While the likes of Tiffany Haddish and Wendy Williams call him their friend, others are a bit less open to his antics and go out of their way to avoid the Hollywood Unlocked CEO. He has been in the news a lot lately, even opening up and spilling some tea on our favorite celebrities. Let’s take a look at what Jason Lee had to say about a few people, including T.I.

Jason famously declared that the Queen of England had passed months before she actually did. He took to Hollywood Unlocked and announced back in February that she had died and that the Royal Palace would be releasing a statement. When people began to doubt him and asked him to pull the story, he fired back, claiming his sources were never wrong. People took to Twitter to clown him and remind folks that he is not a trusted reporter and only a “blogger.”

People have so little faith in Jason Lee that when he announced TakeOff’s death yesterday, people immediately recalled him falsely reporting on Queen Elizabeth. “Ain’t that you that said Queen Elizabeth was dead like one year before she actually dies ??” one person commented under his tweet about TakeOff. Jason Lee was also one of the many sites to offer his platform to Kanye West following one of his many outbursts.

The pair had a lengthy interview at the top of 2022, where he allowed Kanye to open up about a handful of things, from his marriage to Kim Kardashian to his fashion ambitions. The entire conversation was awkward, and it felt like Jason was trying to really get on Kanye’s good side, only to sever ties with him in recent weeks following the White Lives Matter debacle. Jason had been hired by West’s team as the head of his media and partnerships for Kanye’s brand but stepped away once he saw things going left.

West took to his social media to call Jason out with a since-deleted post saying, “Jason Lee, here’s the clout you’re looking for. My school is being shut down. You wanna help or hurt?” Jason responded on his own profile, saying that he supported Kanye’s right to free speech but did not agree with his statements and felt Kanye was looking for “white validation.”

While Kanye and Tiffany Haddish do not have any issue with bringing Jason Lee onto their teams, others have made it clear they have no interest in him. Videos have gone viral of Beyonce trying to avoid him at an event, completely walking the other way when she saw him approaching her.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky also gave off a similar energy at the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiere. Lee was trying to get too close in a picture, and the duo laughed at him as photographers asked him to get out of the shot. Angela Bassette also had to ask him to get out of her shot so that she could pose with her children.

It’s possible people don’t want Jason getting too close because he likes to tell people’s business. He recently opened up about an altercation T.I had with Floyd Mayweather. While T.I and his wife Tiny seem to be on good terms now, it’s clear the couple has gone through waves over the years. With rumors that T.I has cheated and that they’ve opened up their marriage before, it’s also been rumored that his wife Tiny was getting close to Floyd Mayweather several years ago.

According to Floyd, T.I pressed him back in 2014 about a photo Tiny posted with the boxing champion. He approached him twice, but the second time things got heated. Floyd said he had to remind T.I what he does for a living, and a scuffle broke out. Reports at the time stated that T.I swung at Floyd, and bodyguards broke it up.

However, according to Jason Lee during a recent VladTV interview, the fight actually escalated further, and Floyd left T.I with two black eyes. Jason says that he was supposed to interview Tiny and Xscape, but T.I pulled the interview due to his affiliation with Floyd. Jason claims Tiny told him the fight in Vegas was worst than reported and left T.I having to use make-up to cover the bruising in his eyes.

Despite Jason’s reporting, T.I. responded to the accusations back in 2014 when the alleged incident happened. T.I. took to social media with a video stating, “What they say? I got two black eyes? Where they at though? These ones I’m lookin’ at? Are they black though, for real? Had them all my life.”

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