Houston PD Now Has Person Responsible For Takeoff’s Passing In Custody

Family, friends, and fans finally have some comfort in the case of rapper TakeOff’s passing. The Migos frontman was fatally injured on November 1st after partying with uncle Quavo in Houston, TX, on Halloween. The highly documented evening has had fans anxiously awaiting answers, as many of them claimed to have already solved the case based on social media footage. Houston PD authorities have been keeping everyone updated on the process and have finally announced that the person responsible has been taken into custody.

TakeOff was reportedly stepping up to defend his uncle Quavo during a dice game on the night of his passing. Several people corroborated this story and began speculating that he was actually struck by friendly fire, noting that a member of Quavo’s entourage was seen waving around a weapon matching the one seen going off in several videos. Popular social personality Akademiks added fuel to this rumor, going live on Twitch to “solve the case,” with several users watching.

Many others thought TakeOff’s passing was tied to Jay Prince JR. The Mob Ties Founder & CEO and son of Rap A Lot Records founder Jay Prince Sr. is known for staying in trouble and was hanging with Quavo and TakeOff on the night of the incident. He and his family were also criticized for a tasteless mural they put up for TakeOff, which featured his name very small while they had their name in massive letters with flowers.

It was revealed today that the people suspected by police to be responsible for TakeOff’s passing are Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, and Cameron Joshua, 22. Clark was actually arrested for Takeoff’s passing, while Joshua was apprehended for carrying a weapon unlawfully. HPD Sgt. Michael Burrow did a press conference today where he addressed the update and thanked everyone for their help and patience. He said, “I can tell you Takeoff was not involved in playing the dice game, he was not involved in the argument that happened outside, he was not armed, he was an innocent bystander.”

He continued saying, “this is a significant step towards seeking justice. I hope it brings additional comfort to fans of TakeOff.” he also called out all the attendees of the party that refused to give statements to the Houston PD. Burrow says that about 30 people were present for the attack, and “Literally, every single one of those people left the scene without giving a statement to police.” He’s urged those people to come forward so that they can wrap up this case and bring justice to TakeOff’s family.

People in the comments agreed, saying, “Hold them accountable!!!” Another person said, “Yes! Let’s get some justice for takeoff 🙌🏾.” Many are still convinced that it was the member of their group that injured TakeOff and is alleging that the story is not “making sense.” “I thought it was somebody from his own crew that shot him. It’s too many holes in this story. What happened for real.” Most fans are still in mourning, however, and while they are thankful that there has been an arrest, it still does not bring TakeOff back. “I still can’t believe that baby is gone…I wish we’d stop playing God with our own brothers and sisters❤️.”

Neither Offset or Quavo have released a statement. Takeoff was only 28 years old.

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