Houston PD One Step Closer To Solving Who’s Responsible For TakeOff’s Passing, Person Of Interest Identified

New details are emerging about the passing of Migos member TakeOff. The 28-year-old Atlanta native was partying in Houston, Texas, with his uncle Quavo when a dice game escalated. TakeOff was the only individual to lose his life. As Houston PD urge people to come forward with any information about what went wrong, some people close to the scene allege that the individual responsible was actually a member of Migo’s camp. TMZ has obtained footage and claims Houston PD has a person of interest.

Houston PD took to social media to request assistance from locals in tracking down the individual involved in TakeOff’s passing. “Calling to action. Step up. There were 40 people at least at this event. People left, possibly out of fear. What if it was your brother, your son? Please step up,” Houston’s Chief Of Police, Troy Finner said in a press conference shared on their Twitter account.

Fans immediately jumped in the comments with screenshots and videos from the night of TakeOff’s passing. “Pretty sure it’s this guy or At least one of them, I can’t find the video of when takeoff was smoking and quavo was in the vehicle with Jas Prince, but he was standing outside the vehicle next to quavo,” said one person. They reshared a screenshot of Quavo in a car and circled a man seated behind him.

Another person shared a video from the night, showcasing a bunch of guys hanging outside and sitting in a vehicle. TakeOff is standing off to himself while Quavo can be seen in the car with a weapon next to him. They zoom in briefly on the man seated behind him, who happens to be the same guy from the other videos.

Rumors relating to the incident claim that Quavo was the one shooting dice and getting into it with a group of guys when the incident occurred. However, new video suggests Quavo was attempting to avoid an altercation all together. TakeOff was off doing his own thing and jumped up when thing escalated, getting hit in the process. The person of interest is reportedly an associate of Migos who lost control of his weapon and accidentally struck TakeOff.

The Neighborhood Talk shared footage of the moments right before the incident, and you can clearly see the same man fans have pointed out in the other videos. Some people have identified him as @Migobands on social media. Despite the individual only being the person of interest, fans have flooded his account with insults. One fan even suggested he deletes his entire social media account. Another suggested people take it easy on him considering it was an accident.

However, fans didn’t stop there. Some turned to Houston’s PD social media account to report the individual to law enforcement. “@ migobands on Instagram did it yall. Quavo was arguing after a game of dice at a private party over basketball w some other dudes there while Takeoff was in close proximity was NOT involved yet. Things started to escalate and Quavo is overheard to be saying…’ let’s go before imma hurt somebody'” This person went on to say that someone swung at Quavo following his comment, and TakeOff and Migobands swooped in to help.

Migobands social media list him as “Management /Actor/Philanthropist. Huncho Records A&R. Birkinz Co-Founder.” He has yet to post about TakeOff’s passing or make a statement. Fans have already started to flood his comments with demands he comes forward. “Most dumbest person in the world you literally [took out] your own man’s,” commented one person.

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