How Google Met’s new feature will work

The custom background feature came to Google Meet last year. Another new feature is Google Meet. In this case, users can check the video-audio quality before joining any Google Meet video call. If there is a mechanical error, it can be fixed quickly. The company’s message, this new feature of Google Meet called Green Room is able to solve all the problems before the call.

In this case, users will get the check your audio and video option at the bottom of the screen. Then from here you can check the rest of the things including microphone, speaker, camera. This topic has been discussed in detail in a recent blogpost.

In this case, it will be understood whether the device is being configured properly or not. Users can also check if their network connectivity is OK. You can also see if the device’s automatic noise cancellation feature is working properly.

If there is a problem, Google Meet will let him know. There are various options to solve the problem. With the help of new features, the problem of using microphone and camera can be solved through browser permission.

Most importantly, this feature can detect multiple audio problems, including a muted microphone, secondary display monitor, missing headphones, and speaker connections. However, keep in mind that admins have no control over the green room.

According to the company, a certain portion of the users will get the benefit of this new video and audio testing feature from today. However, this is only for enterprise customers. In other words, only Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus customers will get the benefit of this service.

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