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How Many Children Does Comedian Kountry Wayne Have?

Kountry Wayne is a Georgia-based comedian who has risen to the top thanks to his unique take on comedy. Over 3 million fans tune in to his social media to see his zainy antics. He recently sat down with DJ Vlad to fill in the blanks on his life and let people in on who he is and how he came up. It turns out he’s had a rough upbringing. He told Vlad all about it, including how the father of 7 had two kids only four days apart at 22 years old.

Wayne says he grew up in a pretty backward small time in Georgia. There, his sister was the first black homecoming queen. He lost his mother at a young age and spent years bouncing back and forth between his grandmother and father’s house. While he admits that it was a struggle, he recalls having a great deal of freedom at the time that he was thankful for. “It was rough, but I enjoyed it a little bit cause I was free. I was able to do stuff that other kids couldn’t because I didn’t really have nobody to put that discipline on me. I had to discipline myself.”

They go on to discuss Wayne having his first kid at 17 years old. Calling it the beginning of a “journey,” Vlad jokes that Wayne never really got off “that rollercoaster.” Wayne responded, “yeah, ever since I was 17, but the time I was 22, I had like seven kids already.” Vlad said, “Right, seven kids by 22. How many different mothers at that point?” Wayne had to think for a bit, counting in his head before answering while laughing, “4, it was 4. My bad, I’m tripping.”

Vlad went on to ask about the time he fathered two children only four days apart. He confirmed it was true, joking that he turned up to the same hospital only days apart for two different kids. Vlad goes on to ask how he felt about fathering so many kids so young and if he thought it was a “good idea” since he really did not have any money and not being married to any of the women.

The father of seven explains that his first baby mother was his high school sweetheart. “So we got three kids together. And the last baby mama I got kids by, we got 3. Now the other three that were in the middle, like the first time I dealt with them, they got pregnant, just like that. It was like, really, boom boom boom. 2 of the kids I didn’t even know was mine. I got letters in the mail saying they want to do a paternity test.”

The comedian said that he used protection, but he always got someone pregnant the few times he didn’t. He jokes that his pull-out game is terrible and that he couldn’t even pull his sock off or pull out of a driveway. Elsewhere in the interview, Wayne opens up about how he’d initially intended on being a rapper, but comedy took off faster. He says he immediately quit rapping the day his comedy video went viral.

Recently, the comedian went viral after revealing he pays all the bills for his five baby mothers while appearing on the Breakfast Club. Angela Yee asked Kountry Wayne about the arrangement he has set up with his five baby mothers as it pertains to them dating other men. The comedian claimed they’re free to date whomever they choose, and he will still continue to support them financially. He even revealed the men can stay in the home and he will continue to take care of them.

Despite having seven children by the age of 22, Kountry Wayne didn’t stop there. The 33-year-old currently has a total of 10 children – three boys and seven daughters.

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John Davidson
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