How Many Kids and Baby Mothers Do Rapper Future Have?

Rapper Future continues to make headlines for his always-expanding family. He currently has a reported eight children with eight different women across the course of his career. Future keeps pretty busy on the road and is usually accused by the women of being an absentee dad. He’s even denied being the father to some of the kids, forcing the women to come together and find creative ways to get proof he’s the daddy, even if he’s not helping them figure it out himself.

Future’s eight baby mothers are Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, Ciara Wilson, Joie Chavis, Eliza Seraphin, and two more women whose identities have not been made public yet. He confirmed some of the women recently while thanking them for the work they do for his kids on Mother’s Day, but he intentionally left a few moms out. Despite that rare display of love, Future is usually on the ousts with these women, who often go to social media to air him out and have taken him to court several times over for child support.

Future has also denied that some of the kids are his. Back during the height of the pandemic, Future had to sit down and take a paternity test to prove he was the father of Eliza Seraphin’s daughter after there were initially some doubts. At the time, he was dating Lori Harvey and had refused to cooperate with Eliza, waiting instead for the court to force him to take the test. Eliza turned around and asked for $53,000 a month in child support and full custody of their daughter. Eliza was one of the aforementioned moms left out of his Mother’s Day shoutout.

Future just closed on a massive home on a private island in Miami, but according to court documents, he actually “does not make a lot of money.” At least, that is what he wants everyone to believe. Future has been trying to hide some of his finances to avoid paying child support to his several baby mothers. Brittni Mealy took him to court earlier this year and claimed that his absence had been affecting their son. She asked for an increase in child support and said that since she was doing the bulk of the child case, she needed more financial help.

Another baby mom tried to put Future on blast after he had violated their agreement for financial support. She went online and exposed him for liking his “groceries ate,” and said he seldom cared about children’s drama behind the scenes and only has an issue with it when it is brought to the public. The baby mother claimed she was tired of their relationship being good one day and bad another day.

It’s so hard for these women to coordinate anything with Future when it comes to their children that two of them had to get creative when trying to prove he was the father. Since Future refused to take a paternity test, Eliza had to help a woman Cindy Renae Parker by letting their children be DNA tested to see if they were siblings. The result proved that they 99.9999% had the same father. Eliza and Cindy have been seen out and about with their children on playdates since.

Eliza took to social media to reveal the results of the test. In her post, Eliza says she may not know who the father of her child is, but she does know he’s the father of Cindy Parker’s child as well.

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