How Many Kids Will Nick Cannon Have?

Nick Cannon is gearing up to become a father yet again. The television host has been very public about his desire to grow his family. Last year alone, he welcomed three children. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when his young Zen passed away. The grieving father is getting ready to head back to the delivery room for what will be his 8th child this year with model Bre Tiesi. Let’s take a look at the last few years for Cannon and how he’s been gradually growing his family.

Nick Cannon kicked off his fatherhood journey with megastar Mariah Carey on April 30, 2011. They welcomed twins Monroe and Moroccan. Cannon and Mariah would divorce in 2016, and in the time since he has enjoyed being a lady’s man and pouring into his career. Cannon admitted in an interview with The Breakfast Club that after his marriage to Mariah, he realized he was not a fan of monogamy. Dismissing it as a “Eurocentric value,” Cannon says he feels his role as a man is to procreate as much as possible, especially because he has the means to care for a large family. He calls marriage “classified property” and instead wants to be free to love whomever he wants.

Nick Cannon has no shortage of beautiful women around him, and in February 2017, he and model Brittany Bell welcomed a son together named Golden. The pair followed this up with the birth of Powerful Queen Cannon in December 2020. 2021 would prove to be a complicated year for Cannon. He would go on to welcome babies from two different women within 20 days of one another. DJ Abby De La Rosa welcomed twins with Nick in June. Brother’s Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir would get a new sibling only 23 days later when Alyssa Scott welcomed Zen.

Now a proud father of 7, Cannon continued to make his promo rounds championing his choices and letting people know he intended on continuing to grow his family as much as he could. In some interviews, Cannon pointed to his Lupus diagnosis as a reason why he wants to “be fruitful and multiply.” Citing several his near-death experiences, Cannon developed a desire to live life like every day could be his last.

Unfortunately, his youngest Zen was not as strong as his dad when it came to fighting life-threatening illnesses. The youngest Cannon was tragically born with brain cancer. In December of 2021 the five months old passed, unable to fight it off any longer.

Nick pressed on, appearing on his talk show the following day to break the news. He also took to his social media to unveil a tattoo he got for his baby boy. “Had the privilege to host an Angel on this earth for a short period of time, but his energy is Eternal and will always be by my side. The strength in my rib. Zen Scott Cannon,” he said in the caption.On her own IG, Alyssa paid tribute to their baby in a touching post. “It has been an honor and privilege being your mommy… I will love you for eternity. 6•23•21 – 12•5•21” said. Her last post was a black and white photo of her and Nick embracing each other and looking upward.

While Nick has been public about the healing process following Zen’s passing, he had not made mention to a new woman in his life or him trying for more children. However, news broke this weekend that he and Bre Tiesi hosted a private gender reveal event in Malibu for family and friends. Hollywood Unlocked reported on it, saying, “The party was hosted in Malibu Sunday afternoon with pink and blue balloons everywhere as they were surrounded by friends and family.” Some many know Bre as the ex wife of Johnny Manziel. She was seen taking pictures with a visible baby bump. Party guest posed with Nick and Bre as he held her belly. According to people there, it was announced that they would be welcoming a little boy.

While some might be shocked and Nick welcoming a new baby so quickly, judging by how far along Bre is this was obviously in the works well before baby Zen passed away. Cannon has not been shy about wanting to have more babies, even making advances as singer Ashanti and rapper Saweetie on social media. How many more kids do you think Nick Cannon will have before he stops?

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