“I Have Fallen Behind On Most Of My Bills”: Kevin Hunter In Dire Need Of Cash, About To Lose Home

Kevin Hunter has been fighting for his piece of the Wendy Williams pie. Her former husband, manager, and executive producer has been off with his new family while Williams’s health and empire has quickly crumbled. Now that she is down and out, he is claiming she still owes him money and that he and his mistress are struggling to make ends meet.

As we all know, Wendy’s health took a sharp turn in the fall of 2021, leaving the status of her show in limbo. During that time, she fell under a conservatorship that had all her finances tied up, meaning no one in her camp was getting paid. Ex-husband Kevin Hunter was living off a pretty severance package from the daytime host that halted in February of 2022. Since then, he’s been fighting to get access to the money again so that he can continue to afford the lifestyle that he and his new lady are used to.

Kevin has been busy trying to establish new streams of income since he and Williams called it quits. This includes several business ventures with his new lady, Sharina. They opened an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn called Loreta. He posted the new venture with an excited post saying, “Time to work on MY LEGACY!!” Hunter captioned the video.

“For a kid from Brownsville, Brooklyn, this is a dream come true. To be apart of an amazing team to create something so extraordinary. I look forward to nothing but success. Continue to thank God for the blessings.” He’s since removed the announcement.

Other sites reported that Hunter took a modest approach to his new life and started cutting hair in Florida. He opened a location called Head Hunters that he’s been running quietly, in addition to his Vegan-chef business Vegan Nose. He and Sharina are said to be happily raising their two-year-old daughter Journey. She frequently posts pictures of the vegan food she cooks and proudly promotes their two businesses on her page. ViSH NYC is her luxury athleisure line.

All of their work is said to be at risk now that the money from Wendy’s has dried up. Kevin has spoken out, saying that it is not even about Williams and simply about the money he is owed for his years of hard work investing in her and her company. Not only is he at risk of being out on the streets with his house in foreclosure, but he also can not afford health insurance, and behind on his car insurance.

Unfortunately, Kevin will have to look elsewhere to recoup because reports state that the courts have dismissed his demand for back pay. According to the original agreements, he was only entitled to money for as long as Williams was working. Now that she is out of a job, his payments stop. Wendy’s lawyer warned him back in 2021 this would happen.

Their statement read, “On October 15, of 2021 plaintiff was informed…that her contract was being suspended and that no compensation shall accrue or be payable to the plaintiff for the duration of plaintiff’s disability and incapacity.”

Wendy Williams has not publicly responded to Kevin’s constant demands for her to pay up. The talk show host is currently planning to make her return with a new podcast.

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