“I Shouldn’t Have To Die Like This”: R&B Singer R. Kelly Suffering Life Threatening Blood Clots, Concerned He Will Die In Prison

R. Kelly is expected to be in prison for the remainder of his life after being handed over 30 years behind bars. Unfortunately, it is being reported that he might not live to see any of that time as the R&B star has been suffering health issues behind the scenes.

R. Kelly is reportedly pleading to be let out of jail and does not believe he should have to die behind bars.Audio has leaked online of R. Kelly complaining about the prison system. In the clip, you can hear Robert saying he received poor treatment for blood clots in his legs. This resulted in surgery on his Achilles tendon. “I’m scared for my life. I almost died.

They treat animals better than this,” he can be heard saying in the clip. Kelly believes the doctors helping him are not sure what they are doing and just taking “guesses” about his condition rather than properly treating it. “If it was your child, if it was your father, you’d say go to the doctor,” Robert says that they did not perform any x-rays on him before surgery.

R. Kelly has been reporting health issues since going into jail, with some believing he has only been speaking out about them in hopes of getting out sooner. Kelly tried to get out during Covid, and later due to his diabetes. Now the blood clots in his legs have him incredibly concerned and worried.

In the comments section, there was not a lot of support for R. Kelly. One person said, “They only treating you like you treated those poor woman you kept hostage.” One person did argue that R. Kelly deserved better and said, “Sorry ya can feel how ya feel bout Kelly, but he deserves better than to be in jail for the rest of his life without hard evidence.”

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