Ice Cube Walks Away From New Film, Leaves $9 Million On Table

Rapper Ice Cube has made some stellar moves within his career. In conjunction with a successful rap career, the Los Angeles native has also starred in blockbuster films. Three years after starring in the comedy Fist Fight, Ice Cube returned to acting in 2020 with The High Note. While fans of his have been awaiting his next film role, according to recent reports, they may have to wait longer.

In June of 2021, it was announced that Ice Cube would be starring in the upcoming comedic film Oh, Hell No. The “It Was A Good Day” rapper would be appearing alongside actor Jack Black, whose character falls in love with Ice Cube’s character in the Sony film, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

Well, according to recent reports, Cube will no longer be in the film. Unnamed sources have claimed to The Hollywood Reporter that Ice Cube has declined to further participate in the film after producers requested that everyone be vaccinated prior. No further statement was given as Sony, Ice Cube’s agents and reps, as well as the film’s producers all, declined to give a comment.

The report states that the film was intended to begin shooting this winter in Hawaii after a few delays. With Ice Cube walking away from the film, which he was reported to bank $9 million from, it is now seemingly further delayed as producers scramble to find a replacement.

It is to be noted that within recent months, Ice Cube removed himself from another major film role. In 2020, it was announced that the rapper would be co-starring alongside Star actress Ryan Destiny in the film Flint Strong. The film is a sports drama based on the life of Claressa “T-Rex” Shields from Flint, Michigan, whose goal was to be the first woman to achieve a gold medal in the Olympics for boxing. However, Ice Cube will no longer be portraying the role of Shields’s boxing trainer, as he’s left the film for undisclosed reasons.

Ice Cube has also turned down other roles in past iconic films. In a June 2021 interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Ice Cube revealed that the role that Tupac Shakur ultimately played in the film Poetic Justice was originally intended for him. He chose to reject the role, which would have had him starring alongside Janet Jackson because he felt there was a discrepancy in the character that the film’s director, John Singleton, wouldn’t budge on.

According to Ice Cube, the one scene in the film that he had an issue with made the character come off like a “sucker,” which he did not agree with. “He didn’t wanna change it, so I didn’t wanna do it,” the rapper said. He also shared in the interview that he was in talks to be in the film Menace II Society, but felt that the role he was up for would have led him to be typecasted. Hear Ice Cube give his explanation on roles he’s turned down in the past below.

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