Iman Discuss Grief and Losing Husband, David Bowie On Tamron Hall

Few love stories are as epic as David Bowie and Iman. The powerhouse pair met in 1990 and shared more than two decades together before Bowie tragically passed on January 10th, 2016. Their beautiful romance inspired many throughout the years. In the time since, Iman has spoken fondly of her husband. She recalls the happier times and the things they discusses before his passing. She has also been very open about her desire to not remarry and how she’s grieved him in his absence.

David Bowie and Iman met on a blind date in 1990. While Bowie has confessed that it was love at first sight, Iman says it took her a few months to get there. However she eventually did, and they wed in 1992. Their daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones, was born August 15th, 2000 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Bowie was an artist till the very end, and in his final years produced an album titled Blackstar. The album dealt with themes of death, grief, resurrection and completion. He recorded the project in private. Bowie released the album and died two days later. He had not told the world he was struggling with liver cancer. His producer said he wanted the project to be his “swan song.”

In his absence, wife Iman has said that the “struggle is real, but so is god.” Even 5 years later she says she is still coping with the loss – vowing to never marry again, because she feels like she’s still married. The legendary model recalls someone calling David her late husband a few years ago in which she corrected them. “No, he’s not my late husband. He’s my husband.”

She recently sat down with Tamron Hall to discuss grief and how she’s getting along. Iman confesses that in the 5 years since he’s passed, she had not truly grieved. Their daughter was a teen at the time, and she had the responsibility of taking care of her first. When the pandemic hit, she decided to go to their home in upstate New York. She says while there, grief came knocking. She confessed that she spent many nights crying, not sleeping and mourning her husband. “Grief came knocking at the door and stayed for while” she told Hall. “It just came and sat down with me and said ‘it’s time'”.  Iman says she understand now that there is joy on the other side of grief and that she is grateful for the solitude.

She is now ready to celebrate their love. Iman says she used to wear her husbands cologne to feel close to him. Now she unveiled a scent that she created to commemorate their love. She calls it a “fragrance with a past.” It is called Love Memoir by IMAN. Its product description on HSN says “Love Memoir is a celebration of Iman’s memories with her true love. It is a love story about the moments that mattered most and the journey of eternal love.”

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