Ime Udoka Picks Up New Gig Following Cheating Scandal, Expected To Take Over As Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

While Nia Long is pressing on with her career, fans have been wondering how her finance Ime Udoka is doing following the cheating scandal that lost him his job. It’s been a few weeks, and things have quieted down, with another NBA team trying to quietly hire Ime and get him back on the court now that things have simmered.

Ime Udoka was the head coach of the Boston Celtics before his infidelity got him suspended for the season. People have been thinking that this suspension would possibly become something more long-term, with many people alluding to the whole scandal running deeper than the public knows. Instead, Ime is looking to get back to action sooner than later and join the Brooklyn Nets as their new head coach.

Acting head coach Steve Nash announced that he would be stepping down from his role in a heartfelt post on Twitter on November 1st. The former player did 18 seasons in the NBA and was an eight-time all-star before becoming a coach. Sites report that his time as the Brooklyn Nets head coach was anything short of a cakewalk, with ESPN calling it “chaotic.”

Nets general manager Sean Marks told the press that he and Steve agreed it was time to go after a rough start to the season. “We both felt this was time. It was certainly trending in that way, and to be quite frank, the team was not doing what it was supposed to be doing,” Mark said. “We’ve fallen from our goals, of meeting our goals, and it was time now because we still have lofty aspirations of where we need to get to.”

Nash thanked Brooklyn and the team and called it an “amazing experience” despite the many challenges, which he was also thankful for. Nash leaving the team leaves the door wide open for Ime Udoka to swoop in and claim the position. Rumors that his hiring could be announced within the next 48hrs have been circulating. This would relieve him of his duty with The Boston Celtics, and he would not return next season as originally planned. Ime had worked under Nash as his assistant for one season before going to Boston.

It is unclear where Ume and Nia Long are currently. Long has been busy plugging new projects like The Best Man Wedding, which will be streaming on Peacock as a series. She was dodgy when asked about reconciliation with Ime by TMZ a few weeks ago but has also not been wearing her ring. Nia had just relocated to Boston with her son to be close to Ime but has been back in Los Angeles. No word on if she plans to move to Brooklyn with him.

Fans on Twitter are shocked at how quickly Nash and Ime are being swapped out. “Steve Nash ain’t even cleaned out his desk yet, and they already put Ime Udoka’s nameplate on the front door,” joked one fan. Another said, “They said what Ime Udoka did was so bad he’d never get another job in the NBA … Brooklyn said get ya clipboard, bubba.”

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