Ime Udoka’s Side Piece Confirmed After Weeks Of Speculation, Twitter Was Right All Along

Nia Long is at the center of the recent scandal rocking the Boston Celtics. Her partner of 12 years, Ime Udoka, had a consensual relationship with a female staffer that cost him his career and could very well claim his family. Long and Udoka share two children and seem to have had a happy engagement, but now fans are calling Nia Long blind for ignoring the clear red flags of a man willing to stay engaged for seven years and not marry her. People are even saying she also responsible for staying so long.

Fans took to Twitter to criticize Long for staying in such a long engagement and thought it was a clear sign of issues in the couples union. “Ummm, I may get dragged for the this, but the fact Nia Long was ONLY this man’s FIANCÉ for over 5+ years even after bearing his child was huge red flag,” said one person. Another said, “Ime Udoka is an example of why some people don’t think that athletes are husband material. The man is darn near 50 and still can’t keep it together. They deserve their reputation. Thinking about it, the fact that he didn’t marry Nia Long after so long together was a red flag.”

According to Long, their long engagement was actually her choice. Over the summer, she opened up about their union, claiming that she always had a fear of marriages because she thought they never worked out. She told Essence’s “Yes Girl” that she was enjoying being a fiancé. “I worked hard to have the career I wanted, but I’ve also been deliberate about my personal life,” Long said. “None of this is a mistake.” When questioned about their plans to get married a few years ago, Ime said, “we’re good the way we are right now. She has a very similar view. As long as we’re happy raising the children, we’ll just enjoy each other and see where it takes us.”

Many people online admit to losing hope following Long’s cheating scandal, along with other ones, including Adam Levine and his supermodel wife. “You can get cheated on if you’re a victoria’s secret model, if you’re a sex symbol like cardi b, if you’re gorgeous like Saweetie, if you’re everything, and then some like NIA LONG!”

Last week fans began digging online and found images of Udoka’s alleged side piece named Kathleen Nimmo Lynch. However, that claim was never confirmed until yesterday. The Daily Mail dropped the bombshell confirming Kathleen Nimmo Lynch is indeed the side piece and is also married. According to the site, Kathleen is a Mormon, who’s married with three children. Kathleen is the Celtics team service manager. All parties involved have stated the affair was consensual and ended before the investigation took place. Both, Ime Udoka and Kathleen Nimmo Lynch are currently fighting to get their families back and their lives. See image of Kathleen’s family below.

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