India Arie Reveals Her Intuitive Method Of Decision Making and Why She Called Off Her Wedding

India Arie has been in the media a lot lately. She is one of the main celebrities taking a stance against Joe Rogan and Spotify after the millionaire radio host got put on blast for spreading misinformation surrounding COVID-19. For India, it was also his consistent use of the n-word and the insane amount of money he gets paid by Spotify while songwriters collect less than a penny per stream by the streaming service. She decided to pull her music from the platform in protest, a move many saw as bold and dramatic. However, for those close to India, they are familiar with her intuitive decision-making process and how the singer is prone to dramatic choices at a moment’s notice if she feels it is in her best interest.

While discussing relationships in the past that did not manifest into marriage, India says that she has always followed her intuition and its signs. For the Grammy winner, a lot of times, these signs are physical. She describes breaking out into a full rash on the right side of her body ahead of marrying a man she was engaged to.

She told the panel, “The way that my intuition speaks to me, it’s like a physical thing.” She goes on to describe different sensations on her body and how they instantly let her know that something is off. India says that when she gets chills on the right side of her body, and they begin to move up towards her head, she knows that something is wrong with her. In the same way, if she gets the chills on the left side of her body, she knows that something is right for her.

When she got engaged, India says she got the positive tingles on her left side. However, within a week, chills on her right side began and eventually developed into a rash. She took this as a sign that the relationship was probably not going to be beneficial for her and decided to end things.

Elsewhere in her interview with The Real, Arie discusses how she got so in tune with herself. The singer spends a lot of time alone but clarifies that it is solitude and not isolation. For India, alone time helps her focus in on her emotions and better understand herself so that she can be aware and present and able to pick up on the signs of things that are going on around her and make informed and well thought out decisions.

India is not playing when it comes to how she feels, and she has been very clear with her thoughts on Joe Rogan and the Spotify fiasco. Following her intuition seemed to be the right move because her efforts, along with those of other artists and fans on social media, eventually got Joe Rogan to issue an apology.

In an interview with Don Lemon, Arie said she did not feel that Rogan was a racist. Instead, she labeled him insensitive. She also stated that she had heard and received his apology. She felt he came from an honest place and truly wanted to create a change. India was particularly appreciative of him, saying that he had no right to use the n-word and that he wished he had acted differently.

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