Is Nene Leakes Dating Multiple Men?

Nene Leakes is still newly widowed, but that has not stopped the reality star from making headlines with two new men. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Nene was claiming to take her time following the passing of her husband. She did several interviews where she discussed her plans to ease into her new life and “new normal.” It appears her new normal is courting eligible bachelors. Leakes has been spotted with not one but two guys who are claiming to be an item with the Real Housewife.

Gregg Leakes passed away on September 1, 2021, after a long battle with cancer. He was 66. Gregg passed away peacefully and at home with his family and wife Nene Leakes. The pair initially married in 1997. They divorced once in 2011 but remarried two years later and remained married till his death.

Following his passing, Nene Leakes did a small press run where she discussed her plans for the future and the last things Gregg said to her. One of his final wishes was that she move on and find love again. “He wanted me to be happy,” she told the ladies of The Real back in November. At the time, Nene said that while she was open to meeting someone, she planned on taking her time and focusing on herself.

In other interviews, she confessed that some friends had introduced her to guys. She was eventually seen out and about in Miami with Nyonisela Sioh, a clothing mogul from Liberia. The two were spotted at several events cozying up and looking like every bit of an item. The two were introduced by friend and fellow RHOA cast member Cynthia Bailey’s husband.

Sources close to Leakes reported that she is very happy with Sioh and that she “can’t stop smiling.” Another source says that Leakes has been a caretaker for the last couple of years to Gregg and forgot what it was like to be prioritized by a lover so Sioh is a welcomed change. “We’re dating! We’re friends.” She exclusively confirmed to the Shade Room. She followed this up with a statement saying that grieving Gregg has been a long and hard process and one she is not looking to do alone. She says that Gregg encouraged her to find someone to help her move on.

Well, if new reports are anything to go by, Leakes has been making good on that advice. Images of Nene asleep in bed with a younger man were leaked earlier today. A guy named Temper Boi on IG claims the photos are of him. On his page, he posted pictures of him and Nene Leakes claiming someone leaked the image, but also stating the last few months with Nene has been amazing and eye-opening. According to Temper Boi the two were “more than cut buddies but less than exclusive.” He also says that “it hasn’t really ended.”

Nene seems to be taking this “leak” in stride, and instead of addressing the reports, has instead been getting closer with Sioh and posting him in her story. Over several posts, you can see Nene and Sioh being flirty with one another and making eyes at the camera while at dinner. They follow through to the next day, where you can see them cruising together with the caption “Happy Xmas eve.”

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