Is NeNe Leakes Moving Too Fast?

Well, that was quick! This was more than likely the general statement for those outside looking in on NeNe Leakes. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star has revealed that she has a new love in her life, never shy of sharing details of her private life. Everyone can’t seem to shake the fact that the Leakes recently became a widowed woman just three months ago. With the news of her budding relationship now a public reality, the question begs; Is NeNe Leakes moving too fast?

The last few years were filled with trying times for NeNe Leakes and her late husband, Gregg Leakes. In 2018, Gregg Leakes learned that he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. The life-altering diagnosis not only shifted Gregg’s life but also that of the former Glee actress. Along with RHOA duties and her other ventures, Leakes could add spousal caretaker to her resume.

The responsibilities of a caretaker are not meant for the weak. However, adding the spousal element could bring a much more taxing effort in the physical form and can be challenging mentally, emotionally, and socially. During a conversation with PEOPLE, NeNe Leakes expressed just how extremely “hard” being a spousal caretaker could be.
While people would reach out to the reality star to check on her sick husband, it would only frustrate Leakes. What about HER feelings? “I’m going crazy over here,” NeNe Leakes told the publication, also admitting that she was not good at it. Leakes also confessed her desire to hire a professional to take the reins, but Gregg insisted that he wanted his wife by his side.

Things got so rough for the couple during that period that NeNe expressed thinking of divorcing Gregg for a second time. The couple first married in 1997 before divorcing in 2011. Then in 2013, the Leakes reconciled and chose to remarry. Gregg then underwent surgery that proved successful in 2019 that sent cancer into remission. Things remained hopeful for the family until it was revealed in the summer of 2021 that cancer had returned to Gregg’s body. Undergoing a similar surgery, Gregg Leakes was sent home to recover, but NeNe and the rest of the family realized things were different this go-round.

Sadly, Gregg Leakes passed away due to complications with colon cancer in September. Shortly after his passing, NeNe Leakes went on a press run. She gave PEOPLE an insight into their final “beautiful” moments together, including some of Gregg’s last words to her. According to her, their previous conversations included NeNe reassuring her husband that she “would not have chosen another husband other than him” while also reminding him how many times they married. The reality star then stated that Gregg requested that she “move on with her life.”

Well, it looks like Linnethia “NeNe” Leakes did just that! After much speculation, Leakes confirmed that she is now dating a businessman and designer named Nyonisela Sioh. According to his Instagram page and official website, Nyonisela Sioh is a native of Liberia, Africa, and Nyoni Couture’s owner. This Charlotte-based company specializes in men’s custom designs. Soon, posts popped up on her social media with the two in intimate moments. In a recent conversation with The Shade Room, the sometimes actress confessed that she was still grieving, and it’s still “hard.” But with Gregg’s blessing, she found peace to move on with Sioh.

However, Nyonisela Sioh is not the only man with whom NeNe Leakes has been seen out in these streets. Other pictures with NeNe with a much younger man NOT named Sioh swiftly went viral on social media. Radar Online reported that it was a man by the name of Temper Boi, who also took to social media to claim that he had “nothing but love” for the reality star and the “last few months were amazing.” Regardless of Temper Boi’s claims and the viral photos, NeNe continues to share moments with Sioh. But the new relationship is not without some scandal. According to a report that claims to have receipts from Sandra Rose, Sioh is a married man with children. The report also claims that the pair have been dating since 2020, and his wife, Kweeta Tehmeh, is “devastated” by the discovery.

As if the latest news was not enough, the couple faces an onslaught of criticism. Weighing in on the conversation was Married to Medicine star, Dr. Heavenly. During a recent Live, the reality star stated that she supported Leakes’s decision. “That’s NeNe’s life,” said Dr. Heavenly, reiterating that Gregg gave her permission to move on. However, Dr. Heavenly expressed that perhaps NeNe should’ve kept the relationship private as the backlash would have been imminent. “Everything ain’t for Instagram,” she suggested.

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