Is Porsha Williams Really Over Her Ex Dennis McKinley?

Real Housewives star Porsha Williams is a happily engaged woman with a wedding on the horizon. Williams has been very public about her new love with Simon Guobadia and their plans for the future. This is her first public relationship since her split from former partner and baby father Dennis McKinley in 2019. While it seems like her split from McKinley was amicable and they are moving on as co-parents, some of William’s statements and actions towards her ex have been questionable as of late. Is she truly over him and moved on like she says she is?

The world first got hip to Williams relationship with Goubadia through an IG post last summer. Porsha celebrated Mother’s Day with a private luncheon full of family and friends. She posted a series of pictures and videos from the event with the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day to me and all the other mothers out there ! 🎉 What a wonderful day!! 🙌🏾.”

The first image featured Porsha, Dennis and Simon smiling for the camera. This was followed by an image of her, Dennis and their daughter Pilar as well Porsha making a toast with her baby daddy and new boo. While many were unaware of Porsha and Simon’s romance at the time, Dennis tipped everyone off with his comment saying, “Congrats P. Cheers to your next chapter! Happy Mother’s Day.” Not only did this confirm that Williams had moved on, but it seemed to signal that Dennis was on board and in full support of her new love.

While Dennis co-signed it, many others did not. Simon was married to Porsha’s Real Housewife co-star Falynn Goubadia. Falynn and Porsha were introduced through Dennis, and Porsha met Simon for the first time on an episode of the reality show when she went to Falynn’s house to hang out.

Eventually, things blew over, and fans have now been focused on how quickly Porsha and Simon’s relationship has progressed. She announced on an episode of The Tamron Hall Show that the two are already engaged and purchasing their first home together. Despite how quickly things have been moving, she made it clear that a wedding is not in the immediate plans. Instead, Porsha is enjoying being “courted” and allowing her and Simon to date while they plan for the future. While things with Simon seem to be amazing and moving fast, things with Dennis seem to be a little awkward.

In a recent episode of the Bravo series Posha Family Matters, Porsha confirmed to a friend that the impromptu Mother’s Day shoot that broke the internet was actually not planned, nor was Simon supposed to be at the event. According to the discussion, it appears Dennis was unaware of the new romance and had actually planned the party for Porsha. “If he woulda know about the engagement before planning it he probably would have canceled it.” Dennis confirmed this, saying, “she told me she was engaged. The next day we had a mother’s day dinner. If I knew she was engaged a month ago, I wouldn’t have planned that.”

Porsha recalled the awkwardness of the dinner saying at one point she had her ex and daughter on one side and her new fiancé on the other. “We was all drinking and going through it,” she explained. Porsha said she took the initiative and decided they should take a picture. While she initially debated posting it, she eventually decided it was the best idea.  When the topic turned to an upcoming event for Porsha, Dennis revealed that he did not plan on attending because Porsha asked him not to bring a date. “She still loves me,” he declared. He went on to reveal that he still loves her as well. 

In other scenes, Porsha had used their daughter Pilar as an excuse for why Dennis cannot bring around new women, even commenting that the only way she would be comfortable with him bringing a new girl around is if she looked “like a bus.” Things between the pair got bad in a recent episode of Porsha Family Matters when an argument over Dennis’s alleged infidelity broke out into a physical altercation. Porsha said in a deleted IG post that there was a lot the cameras did not catch and she chose not to address to protect Dennis. She said, “I spoke to some of my family members that were present and decided at the time it was best not to talk about what cameras didn’t get to capture because I was trying to protect Dennis, his business, and therefore our own daughter. Looking back, that was not the right idea.”

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