“I’ve Been Through Worse”: Tiffany Haddish Remains Unshakeable Despite What She’s Been Through Past Month

Tiffany Haddish is living proof that the more money you make, the more problems you attract. The Girls Trip breakout star has been well on her way for a few years now, racking up hit films and massive endorsements. People have championed her journey from humble beginnings to a Hollywood heavyweight and have found inspiration in her story of perseverance and never giving up on her dreams. That was almost stripped away from her completely in recent weeks after a family sued her and Aries Spears for grooming their children during a failed sketch from 2014.

While known for her crude humor, Haddish has still always been someone people can look up to and admire. She spent years acting in the background and in small roles, sometimes not even speaking. Fans have enjoyed revisiting her appearance on properties like Hannah Montana before she became a big star. Families loved her, so much so that she was even signed on to host the Kids Say the Darndest Things reboot for television and got to voice a character for The Proud Family sequel series on Disney+.

One look at her IMDB, and despite her raunchy sense of humor, Haddish was actually starring in a lot of family-driven properties. She voiced characters in The Secret Life of Pets 2, The Angry Birds Movie 2, Spongebob Squarepants, The Lego Movie, and many, many more. She is scheduled to star in the Disney Haunted Mansion reboot as well next year, opposite Rosario Dawson and Danny DeVito.

It’s not a shock then that Haddish says the lawsuit that she recently settled outside of court left her jobless. Haddish told reported recently that the whole ordeal took everything from her, including all her upcoming work. However, she reveals that she is relieved to put this behind her and has distanced herself from Aries Spears.

Haddish reposted a speech by Deshauna Barber, where she discusses being “unshakable.” Also shared by Viola Davis, the video serves as a mission statement for Haddish as she goes into the next phase of her career. While she shared it with no context, it’s clear she is looking to really push past this moment and back into her work. Check out the full speech below.

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