Jada Pinkett Smith Blamed For August Alsina’s New Love Life Years After Their Entanglement

Following the revelation that singer August Alsina may possibly be gay or bisexual, fans have immediately dragged Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith into the mix. The surprising confession on the finale episode of Surreal Life has people on social media blaming Jada Pinkett Smith the singer’s change of preference.

August Alsina did not completely confirm he is dating a man or that he’s bi or gay. However the R&B singer did confess his love the individual with a warm embrace. If August and the individual are indeed dating this would be his first public relationship since his split from Jada Pinkett Smith. Introduced to Jada by her son Jaden, August says he and Jada grew closer as she helped him through his physical and mental health issues. When her union with Will splintered, August says Will gave him his blessing to begin dating Jada. The “Entanglement” singer says he devoted himself 100% for years to Pinkett-Smith before she broke his heart. 

Back in 2020, when everything went public, people speculated that August’s relationship was not just with Jada but possibly with Will as well. Will Smith has been rumored to have romantic relationships outside of Jada Pinkett Smith for years. He and Jada have been also rumored to be swingers, and Jada has been open about never wanting a traditional marriage or believing in polygamy. August has always been the subject of rumors about his ‘preference’ as well due to his fashion and style choices. The singer is no stranger to thirst traps and the male gaze either. So was he dating both of them? 

In a repost from 2020, one person reshared an opinion on how August seemed damaged following his split from Jada and how the actress and wife possibly messed him up. In the clip, August speaks about how he was “devoted” to “that relationship.” The caption read, “Idc what anyone says; August Alsina is gay/Bisexual. Will Smith and Jada Pickett are swingers and have been for years. They messed this little boy’s head up. Will gave him his blessing alright. Look at his hair. True flamer now. Pure fun no emotion. #jada #WillSmith #AugustAlsina.” 

While some dismissed the notion that August’s hair was an indication of his sexuality, they agreed with the comment and how an older, more powerful couple could take advantage of and ruin a young man’s life if they were not careful. People noted that his mental health and physical health issues could also have played a part in him being easily impressionable and just looking for love and help. “Yeah, he’s not a boy, but a young man. I don’t know none of his music, but him always being sick. Yet he has time to be a with a married woman,” commented one fan. 

So are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to blame for August Alsina finding a new “unconventional” love with a man? The singer’s relationship status is not 100% confirmed, and it is not clear if he was gay or bisexual before dating Jada. One person fired back, saying, “Y’all really trying to blame Jada for August being gay as if it wasn’t signs of him being bisexual very EARLY in his career…. It’s not her fault y’all out here chasing looks and choose to ignore everything else when it comes to these ‘fine’ men.”

Despite many people blaming Jada, others are finding comedy in the entire situation. Some fans are finding it funny that the man who ruined Will and Jada’s public perception would go on to date another man.

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