Jade Cargill Stands On Bow Wow Being Too Broke & Disrespectful: “I Meant I Said, He Can’t Afford Me”

Jade Cargill recently stopped by the Breakfast Club to discuss her career and being the current AEW TBS Champion. While there, she also opened up about an exchange she had with rapper and reality star Bow Wow aka Shad Moss. The “Shorty Like Mine” hitmaker tried to shoot his shot and got let down pretty swiftly. Cargill gives us more insight as to why.

Like many men in entertainment who have already enjoyed success, Bow Wow seems to be interested in moving into a new field. He’s set his sights on celebrity competitive fighting and, while teasing a match with Swerve Strickland, joked about wanting a date with Jade Cargill as his prize if he won. Bow Wow boldly tagged Ms. Cargill in his Tweet, but she was not feeling him. She immediately responded, letting him know she was not interested and that Mr. 106 & Park could not afford her.

The exchange went on for a bit, and at one point, it seemed they tried to make amends and move forward, with Jade admitting to being a fan of his when she was younger. “It’s all love, though. I brought your tape when I was like 7. Like everyone did,” she tweeted. The topic of money came back up, and in a more recent exchange, Bow Wow offered to bet 50k on one of Jade’s matches, saying, “You, not even a REAL champ. I got 50,000$ you won’t make it to 50-0 you wont have to go have that meeting with hubby. Being you brag about his wallet and not YOURS!” to which she responded, “I mean, do you even have $50,000? That’s the REAL question here.”

He continued to taunt her in a series of Tweets, claiming she skipped town when he was there for a show. Jade clapped back. “Skipped town? You not even the main attraction of your concert. You’re sharing a lineup,” she joked. Bow Wow is currently on another round of dates for his Millenium Tour: Turnt Up with Marion, Keri Hilson, and Lloyd.

Jade stopped by the Breakfast Club, where it seemed she was past trying to play nice and pretended she didn’t know who Bow Wow was when asked about him. Eventually, Jade admitted she thought he was rude and disrespectful and could have easily googled to see that she had a man. “Bow Wow? So listen, I don’t know what he thought he was gonna do. I have an amazing man at home. The fact that he @’d be and said he wanted to take me out to dinner is wild. You can easily Google me to look at any of my interviews.”

Jade goes on to gush about her man, or Major League Baseball star Bandon Phillips. He played between 2002 and 2018 and was a 3times MVP. “I talk about him all the time because I wouldn’t be able to do it without him. For me to say you can’t afford me, I said what I said. It is what it is. People can be mad at me all they want,” Jade said about her approach to Bow Wow.

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