James Bond’s new movie is not being released again

James Bond is a very popular character in Hollywood. All the movies released with this character have got the tag of super hit. The latest is the 25th edition of the series ‘No Time to Die’. This is going to be the latest movie as James Bond starring Daniel Craig. So the audience’s interest in the film peaks. 

Due to Corona, it was rumored that the movie would be released in April this year. However, due to the corona virus, the brave James Bond fell behind again. Undoubtedly it is bad news for Bond fans.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed in a report that the movie will not be released in April. ‘No Time to Die’ will be released on October 7 this year.

The 25th James Bond is directed by Carrie Joey Fukunaga. In addition to Daniel Craig, the film also stars Leah Sidaux, Anna de Armas, Ben Huis, Naomi Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Waltz, Rory Kinnear, Ralph Fiennes, Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, David Dancek and others.

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