Actor Jamie Foxx Shuts Down Conspiracy Theories Surrounding His Health, Returns With New Movie Announcement

Jamie Foxx seems to be doing this his way, despite everyone wanting answers relating to his health. Last night the actor returned to social mdia to announce he has a new movie coming out next month. While many celebrated the return of the actor, others still have many questions.

Some fans of Jamie Foxx are not super excited about his new film. The movie They Cloned Tyrone centers on three friends trying to get to the center of a conspiracy theory. Foxx’s fans are already knee-deep in conspiracy theories following his mysterious hospitalization months ago.

Now they are flooding the comments of the new movie trailer with speculation that the film could be a cover-up for what is really happening to the Oscar winner. 

Co-starring John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and J. Alphonse Nicholson, the film trailer kicks off with Boyega’s character Fontaine witnessing something strange on the street. He wrangles up his friends, Foxx and Parris, to investigate.

They follow the strange occurrence back to a house, where they find a state-of-the-art elevator that leads them down to a lab. There they find clones of Boyega’s character. Later on in the trailer, Jamie Foxx has a strange realization while eating chicken, concluding that whatever is out to harm them has been poisoning products native to black communities.

A supercut of hair perm, grape drink, and other black staples ensues while they cut to scenes in churches, clubs, and houses. 

Despite being hospitalized with health issues, Jamie Foxx seems like the picture of perfect health in the movie. Several shots of him shirtless show that he is in the best shape of his life and looks like an action star.

Jamie Foxx returned to social media last night and surprised fans with the announcement. The Netflix film trailer was posted to his IG account with the caption, “It’s about to go down. #TheyClonedTyrone coming July 21, only on @netflix.” 

In the comments, fans could not help but point out the irony of a film about cloning people from a celebrity who mysteriously fell off the radar. “I believe this man is cloned. They think we don’t see the fact that the man has not been seen or heard from since he was in the hospital,” noted one fan. 

“It’s really interesting that you are OK with posting your movie that you want us to watch, but we’re not good enough to know exactly what was wrong with you,” noted another. 

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