Jamie Foxx Trending After Journalist Claims Actor Is Partially Paralyzed, Blind Following Medical Emergency

People continue to pray for Jamie Foxx as he and his family deal with his recent health issues privately.

Foxx has not officially released a statement, but his daughter has kept fans in the loop of his healing journey. Many feel her updates are too vague and have been trying to fill in the blanks on their own.

Several misinformed reports have hit the net and has people wondering if things really are worst than we know. Jamie Foxx mysteriously went off the radar back in April. His daughter took to social media to reveal that her dad was dealing with some health issues and wanted to handle them privately amongst their family.

Several friends took to social media to ask for prayers, with some even alluding to Jamie not doing so well. Fans were terrified, and many kept him uplifted in prayer while trying to probe for more information.

Eventually, it was revealed that Jamie Foxx was healing in a rehab center in Chicago. Friend Mike Tyson accidentally spilled that Foxx might have had a stroke before trying to backtrack during an interview.

News reporter A.J Benza is also adding fuel to the fire and speculating that Jamie’s stroke left him paralyzed and partially blind. During a conversation with Dr. Drew, he says that Jamie had a blood clot in his brain following a shot he received for a movie he’s filming with Camron Diaz.

It is unclear what kind of shot he was talking about, but some believe it might have been the Covid vaccine.

A.J. says that reports claim that Jamie has been “communicating” with family but believes that is coded language to hide the fact that Foxx cannot speak. Fans in the comments were not super happy with this update and are hoping A.J. is wrong.

“so is that not a HIPAA violation tf 🙄?” asked one person. Another asked, “Someone in the room??? How about you let the family or Jamie speak for himself? Everyone just wants camera time.” Jamie’s last official post was on May 3rd, where he told fans that he appreciated all the love and felt blessed.

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