Jeannie Mae Scared Her Baby Will Be Taken Away From Her: ‘I Think About It Everyday’

Co-host of The Real, Jeannie Mae, is letting fans in on some of her biggest concerns as a mother on her latest Youtube video. In this latest clip she opens up about what made her change her mind, and her plans for their new baby. For Jeannie and Jeezy, it was not a sudden change of mind to have kids. She revealed in her latest vlog titled “Why I Changed My Mind to Have a Baby” that the pair were actually super okay with not having kids.

Jeannie clarified comments she’s made in the past on The Real when she expressed fear that she would “ruin a kid”. Instead, she really just felt her time would be better spent working on improving herself than trying to raise someone else. “Make my life better and fix what i’ve experienced, or risk ruining another persons?”, she questioned the two options. She goes on to say that she was happy with the latter and doing ok working on herself, something then-boyfriend Jeezy supported when they first met. Jeezy has two children from previous relationships so he was not pushing for kids.

She stops briefly to champion women’s right to choose and says that for awhile she also felt pressured to have kids which was something she did not agree with. She feels all women can and should choose what they want to do with their bodies.

She says that this was one of the initial reasons she respected Jeezy so much. He did not pressure her or question her as woman for her decision. She felt relief that they could be two 40 year old’s dating and getting to know each other without those kinds of expectations. “That was our plan. Then God reminds you who is in charge” she jokes afterwards. She began to quickly feel differently as they got closer, something she says she kept to herself. Eventually she felt so safe with him that she decided it was time she changed her mind about kids.

Since getting pregnant, Jeannie has had a lot of revelations about her past and why she felt the way she did for so long. She opens up about her relationship with her mother and her history of abuse. She feared that she would not be able to protect a child from the things she experienced. The fear is so bad that she even worries she could lose her baby.

“It still scares me if I could keep a kid safe from someone else that might try to hurt them” she said between tears. “Something could happen, even now. I think about it everyday that something could happen and my baby could be taken away from me.” She thanks therapy and her husband for helping her understand that what she is struggling with is past trauma. She goes on to say that by facing her fears, she is learning to overcome these negative thoughts and be happy.

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