Jeannie Mai Believes Families Should Share Their Generational Curses With Their Children

The ladies of The Real are trying to break generational curses. During the “Girls Chat” segment on one of their latest episodes, the ladies are speaking up on what generational curses say about us. According to co-host Jeannie Mai Jenkins, the only way for them to be broken is when families are more comfortable with opening up with their children. Then can the healing begin.

Generational curses are believed to be carried down through families as an inheritance from their ancestor’s past faults. Jeannie Mai, who has opened up about her traumatic upbringing with her own mother, expressed that there are two generational curses in her family. She also wishes to have been educated on what they were earlier in life. “I wish the family would be more open about just owning what we haven’t been good at,” Mai said. Her reasoning for it is that one would feel “empowered to take time to really learn and educate yourself in this area” so that the same things won’t occur to children in the family.

Jeannie Mai then shared what generational curses plague her family. “For me… it’s the tempers in our family. I always knew that my mom had a really hot temper growing up.” Mai shared that it wasn’t until recently that her mother began to open up and in that, Jeannie Mai was able to realize it trickled down from her mother’s father. She also credits her husband, rapper Jeezy, for helping her to realize that she inherited the trait.

As for the second generational curse, Jeannie Mai shares that “every single person in my family is divorced. There is not one successful marriage,” she said. The talk show host also revealed that Jeezy’s family shares that curse and both of them are effectively trying to break that mold. How the couple is able to achieve this is by being “self-aware,” she says. “Call yourself out… You could be the problem,” she expressed. “And some of your ways that you are reacting could really throw fuel into the fire.

Jeannie Mai admits to her fellow co-hosts that the process is a daily one, but it’s a rewarding one as it “builds the love and the romance.” She concludes by saying that the couple is actively working on trying to break the generational curses in their family. “Pray for us,” asks Jeannie Mai.

As it pertains to her mother, Olivia, or “Mama Mai,” the pair have a tumultuous relationship. Jeannie Mai has shared in the past that they were estranged for eight years. The reason being, her mother was supportive after Jeannie Mai made a shocking revelation of her childhood. The mother-daughter pair did get together to discuss many things on her Youtube show Hello Hunnay. In the episode, Jeannie Mai was able to get her mother to open up about her childhood traumas.

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