Jeannie Mai Jenkins Feels People Are Doing The Most When It Comes To Her Newborn

Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Young Jeezy are experiencing all the joys of being new parents. The happy couple welcomed baby girl Monaco late last month and have been sharing their new buddle joy with the world. Jeannie has been super open about everything during her pregnancy but stayed pretty hush on the baby’s name and gender for most of it. This led many to believe that she would be raising baby Monaco “genderfluid.” Jeannie chimed in recently, letting people know that they got their information mixed up.

For much of her pregnancy, Jeannie and Jeezy called their unborn child Baby J. She recently took to her personal vlog to announce that Baby’s name is Monaco, inspired by the city where she and Jeezy fell in love and decided to start their family. While she revealed the baby’s name, she did not reveal its gender. Mai saved this for an episode of The Real where she told her co-hosts that Monaco was a girl.

Back in November, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revealed that she wanted the baby’s gender to be a surprise calling it one of life’s “last real surprises.” Mai said that due to this, she and Jeezy designed the nursery with no gender in mind and tried to keep it neutral. This is true because, as we saw in her vlog revealing the nursery, much of it was grey and white with little reference to the usual pink and blue we see in baby rooms.

Between her gender-free planning, the baby’s gender-neutral name, and her clearly holding out on revealing Monaco’s sex, it’s easy to understand why some thought that Jeannie and Jeezy were leaning into a more progressive up-bringing for their child.

Gossip Blog Sandra Rose tried to confirm this as fact, saying, “Sources say Jeannie and Jeezy believe their child should decide what their gender will be. They say expressing one’s gender identity is a personal decision that a child should make on its own.” They go on to add, “the baby’s gender is still a secret because the baby is genderless.” No word on who their sources were.

Although it appears, Jeezy and Jeannie Mai do not plan on raising their daughter to be gender-fluid, Hollywood stars letting their children decide their gender is nothing new. Willow and Jaden Smith have famously played around with gender expression and pronouns. Pink and her husband have raised their children, Willow Sage and Jameson Moon, without any strict gender guidelines. Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union allowed Zaya Wade to freely express themselves and ultimately decide that they were trans.

For Jeannie and Jeezy however, this does not seem to be the case outright. Ahead of their gender announcement on The Real, Loni Love reshared Sandra Rose’s article and let fans know that Jeannie would be making her announcement about Monaco’s gender only on The Real. Jeannie jumped into a comments section and said, “If doin the most was a post,” with a yawning emoji. Adrienne Bailon also chimed in with a comment saying, “SMH I really wish people would just respect this sacred time for them…so corny.”

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