Jeannie Mai Reveals Having A ‘Chemical Pregnancy’ First Time Doctor Told Her She Was Pregnant

The Real talk show host Jeannie Mai recently told the world that she is expecting her first child with her husband Young Jeezy. The news has come as a shock to many as Mai for years claimed to not want kids. While everyone is of course super happy for her, there has also been a lot of questions about her journey to this decision and how she has been handling becoming a first-time mom. In a special episode of her show “Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai”, she opened up to her Youtube audience about the new journey.

Mai’s new life with Jeezy has opened up a new world of possibilities for her. The biggest being her desire to become a mom after so publicly stating she had no desire. In the past she expressed to her co-hosts on The Real that she worried she would “ruin” a child. Ultimately, not wanting kids contributed to the end of her first marriage to fellow television host Freddy Harteis. Eventually, Mai would meet and marry Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy. While announcing her pregnancy on The Real she stated that having his baby was an easier decision for her. She stated that him already having kids took some of the pressure off of her to have. She also said that love with Jeezy made her feel safe in a way she never had before.

During the new webisode titled “My Pregnancy Story (why I Kept It a Secret…),” Mai let us further into her new life and the things she went through before telling her fans about the baby. She says that she and Jeezy made the choice almost a year before they got married, opting to try naturally first. This resulted in one pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. According to Mai, she had a chemical pregnancy. This is described as “a very early pregnancy loss that happens when an egg is fertilized and implants in the uterus but is unable to grow normally. It usually occurs at around week 4 to 5 of your menstrual cycle.”

Mai explained that while the baby was not growing, her body continued to react and change as if she was still pregnant for some time after losing the baby. “I thought I was to blame” she said. The pair eventually decided it was ok to try IVF. She said she began preparing the day of her wedding, taking her shots. Two weeks later, after a routine check-up, she boarded a plane with her husband Jeezy and received a call from the doctor telling her that she’d gotten pregnant on her own and no longer needed the shots.

She goes on to show videos of the day she found out, surprising her husband Jeezy with the news on film. “This is really happening,” she told her viewers. She goes on to explain how tired she was during her first trimester. She cut to a lot of videos of her in the tub vlogging her symptoms, including nausea, mood swings, and constantly being sleepy.Mai affectionately calls her unborn child Baby J throughout the video. She’s expected to give birth towards the end of the year.

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