Jeannie Mai Reveals She Got A Belly Tattoo At 15 Because She Vowed To Never Get Pregnant

Jeannie Mai Jenkins is continuing to open up about her pregnancy journey. The Real Talk Show host has been candid over the years about her desire to not have kids. She was a firm believer in women’s right to choose and has always advocated that having a child is not a necessity for everyone. While this has changed for her, she has been sure to explain at great length why it’s changed and how this does not mean she supports women any less who do not want to have kids. She’s also done a great deal of reflecting and explaining on her past decisions and how she got to the place she is now, expecting her first child with rapper Young Jeezy.

While sitting down with Entertainment Tonight , Mai Jenkins shared a video of her baby’s heartbeat. The mom to be was blushing and full of pride as she opened up about her baby journey and all the firsts she is experiencing. Mai Jenkins, who was there on ET as a co-hosts, shared footage from her 32 week check up. She reveals that while baby is happy and healthy, they are waiting till birth to find out the sex. Mai Jenkins says “how many real surprises do we get in life?” calling the baby’s sex the ultimate surprise. She also says it allows her and Jeezy to plan “gender free” and not be stressed by if it’s a boy or girl. When asked by her co-host is she has any suspicions of the gender, Mai Jenkins says she has no clue but her husband Jeezy “swears its a boy.”

Mai Jenkins has been very honest about her journey to wanting a kid. She opened up on her own Youtube Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai, stating that abuse suffered as a child was influential in this choice to not have her own kid. That abuse lead to resentment towards her mother who was unaware and did not intervene in time or help her daughter. After this, she made a vow that she would never bring a child into this world, fearing she would fail to protect it like her mother failed to protect her. On a past episode of the The Real before she was pregnant, she doubled down saying that she feared having a kid because she did not want to “ruin it.”

In an act of defiance at 15, she got a large tattoo on her belly. During the ET discussion they cut to clips of her getting sonograms where you could see the tattoo. Mai Jenkins says now that she is expecting her first child, she hates the tattoo and cannot wait to get it removed.

“So a lot of people don’t know this. I have a tattoo on my belly button.” They flashed to pictures of a 15 year old Mai Jenkins as she jokes about how large the tattoo is. “I promised myself I wouldn’t have a child” she says, which is why she got the tattoo. Now Mai Jenkins wants it removed and jokes that if anyone has a tattoo removal artist they’d like to recommend, to send him her way.  

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