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Jeannie Mai’s Ex-Husband Reacts To Ex-Wife Having First Baby With Husband Jeezy

The Real host Jeannie Mai has publicly shared her relationship with the show’s massive audience over several seasons. When the show began, she was married to Freddy Harteis. The pair seemed to clearly understand their relationship, with Mai adamant about not wanting kids or growing their family. However, things have obviously changed drastically over the years, with the pair separating and starting families with new people. Although Jeannie Mai has moved on from her previous marriage, her ex-husband still has a few things to get off his chest.

Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis were together for over ten years. The pair married fairly quickly, something Mai feels was an oversight now that she has some perspective. “I was really young,” she reflects. “I made choices where my instincts told me, ‘I don’t know about this,’ but I didn’t listen. He was a great guy and we tried our best.” But, she goes on to say, “but we just weren’t compatible by the end.”

Mai remembers the two not even living together before they wed or being intimate. These were key things that made it difficult for them in the years that followed. The pair announced plans to divorce in 2017. Things got ugly, however, as Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis began to fight over finances. It took an even worst turn when Harteis revealed that he was expecting a child with his new girlfriend, not even months after announcing their split.

Mai would talk about this on The Real, addressing how his wanting children was fundamental for the couple. A year after their divorce, Mai met Young Jeezy and began a relationship with him. Not long after Jeannie and Jeezy got married and had their child. Mai eventually announced her pregnancy on The Real, explaining that love with Jeezy made her feel safe in a way she never had before.

Freddy seemed to moved on with the mother of his children – also becoming a television host of a hunting show based on his Colorado Ranch. The show is called The Hollywood Hunter. He and his girlfriend Linsey Toole share two children together. Their daughter, Emersyn Rose, was born in October 2018, and their son, Huck Fredrick, in November 2019.

Following Mai’s announcement, many wanted to know what Harteis had to say about his former wife, who never wanted kids, finally expecting one of her own. He got pretty messy in the comments section of a post, saying that he’s happy for Mai but calling her “trash” after a fan suggested, “Her first husband must be biting bricks rn.” “I upgraded from trash to treasure a long time ago. Best decision I ever made.” He continued, “Best decision I ever made.”

Jeannie Mai has always maintained that she has a love for him and has never said anything wrong. “To this day, I mean it honestly, he’s the best man I know.” So she said in an interview, even comparing him to her dad. Mai’s co-host on The Real called out Harteis for being disrespectful and comparing her trash. Loni Love reminded Harteis that no one disrespected when he announced the birth of his children, and Jeannie Mai deserves the same respect.

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