Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin Nearing 20-Years, But Will He Marry Her?

Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin are constantly tied up in the “will they, won’t they?” The Love & Hip-Hop couple is one of the founding members of the franchise, with the show evolving from a failed Jim Jones pilot pitched to VH1 by Yandy Smith. They proved to still be a powerful draw, for people have tuned in every season they are on to see if the duo will ever tie the knot or remain engaged forever. Jimmy and Chrissy are nearing their 20th anniversary, and fans are starting to ask again, will they ever get married?

Chrissy was one of the first women fans fell in love with on Love & Hip-Hop. The show aimed to spotlight the lives of women behind some of our favorite rappers, and Chrissy was an obvious standout for the ride of die rapper girlfriend archetype. Despite being with her man for over a decade, Chrissy did not have the things some women desired to ensure their man was going to stick around. They were not engaged, did not share any children, and she was constantly at odds with his mother.

Chrissy eventually opted to take matters into her own hands, proposing to Jimmy herself in an episode from earlier seasons. A nervous Lampkin switched her plans several times, initially planning a burlesque number for her man but later opting to just come out and give it to him straight. Jim Jones was shocked and accepted, with his mother storming out. He later returned the favor, proposing to Lampkins over a trip to Miami. The engagement is where things stopped for them, and they have shown no signs of pursuing marriage.

When pressed on the topic, Chrissy explained to the ladies of The Real how she no longer needed a wedding to validate her union. “Our relationship is in a good place. I thought that [marriage] was the natural progression, but it’s not for everybody. So, we’re good right now,” she told the women. Jones echoed similar sentiments during a recent interview as well. The “We Fly High” hitmaker reflected fondly on the story of how he met Chrissy and why he does not think marriage is on the horizon for them just yet.

According to Jim, Chrissy was his crush for a long time. Being younger than her, he used to see her around the neighborhood but never pursued her. Eventually, the pair caught up with each other in Miami, where they both “shot their shots” at one another. Jim remembers Chrissy clowning him a bit, saying to him, “little *, you know who I am?” The pair have been inseparable since and are fast approaching their 20th anniversary together.

When asked if the 20th year would be commemorated with a walk down the aisle, Jones shut it down, echoing his woman’s sentiments from years earlier. “We happy where we at, and not saying that marriage is not in the near future, but those aren’t our plans.” Fans found his response refreshing and said, “This is the first interview I have seen with Jim where he really expresses himself. I love it! Age and Maturity look good on him.”

Only time will tell if the couple will ever tie the knot. In the meantime, their relationship seems to be working for them.

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