Joe Budden Blast Podcast Host For Asking Him If He’s Bi: ‘It’s Not Your Place To Pull Me Out The Closet’

Joe Budden has a well-documented dating history with women, thanks to his time as a reality television star. Several of his relationships are the stuff of Love & Hip-Hop storylines well before the show even existed. Joey had flings with the likes of Christina Milian, Amber Rose, Gloria Velez, and Somaya Reece. His most famous love was with another video vixen, Tahiry Jose.  The pair dated on and off for almost a decade, with much of their love put on display for the world to see, thanks to their inclusion on Love & Hip-Hop: New York. Joe then got with Cyn Santana and started a fiery union that resulted in one child and an engagement. Unfortunately, the pair called things off after a flashy proposal on his Joe Budden Podcast

Joe loves the ladies, but this has not stopped him from stoking the flames surrounding rumors of his sexuality. While trying to make a point about how a bisexual person would respond to Da Baby’s rant last year at The Rolling Loud Festival, Joe uttered the phrase “I’m bisexual,” followed by “How do I spread this news? How do I spread the word? Listen, I like guys and girls. Spread the word. I’m down.” This was during an episode of his Joe Budden Podcast. 

During the segment, the team was unpacking how the “president” of an LGBTQIA+ organization could “ok” the baby to return to the Rolling Loud Festival. People isolated Budden’s response and began circulating it online. Playing into the joke, Joe got on Twitter and said, “Ahhhhhhh, I see the word got out!! Continue to spread the word, pls.” 

People took to social media to question the validity of his remarks. “Joe Budden is bi? Well, I guess he’s Joe Bi-den,” said one fan. Another saw right through the misleading clip and said, “Not yall really thinking joe Budden is bi from a 15-second clip of a waaaaaay longer conversation? Social media is the devil.” Even Joe’s ex Tahiry got in on the convo, saying, “Joey may be a women beater but far from Bi.”

Despite everyone coming to the conclusion that it was clearly clickbait, Math Hoffa decided to press Joe Budden during a recent interview on his Youtube series. In it, Joe joins Hoffa and a gang of other men in a barbershop. The guys were discussing the state of hip-hop when Joe made a comment that made Hoffa question who he was talking to. Joe responded in a voice that mimics a queer person; “if it don’t apply, let it fly.” 

Hoffa jumped up in his seat and took the opportunity to question if Joe was being honest about being bisexual because he felt he “said that too well.” Joe took the opportunity to stretch the joke out and began using phrases queer people use to defend themselves when being questioned about their sexuality. “It’s not your job to pull me out the closet,” Joe said in the same voice. He then educated the men on how intrusive people in Hip-Hop are and how entitled they feel to people’s personal lives and sexual truths. “Only in Hip-Hop do [people] think that is not an invasive question.” They men seemed to laugh it all off with Joe telling Math “Mind your business.”

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