Joseline Hernandez Beats Up Big Lex Backstage During Mayweather-Gotti Fight

Joseline Hernandez is back in the headlines today for another fight.

The reality television star can’t keep her hands off people and might have been in the fighting spirit because she was attending a Floyd Mayweather event. The brawl comes days after her College Hill bout with Amber Rose.

Joseline Hernandez got her start on Love & Hip-Hop but has since gone to the Zeuz network with her talents.

There she starred in Joseline’s Cabaret, where she introduced the world to Big Lex. Lex has gone on to build her own brand on Zeuz and currently stars in DejaVu Miami. The women were both in attendance over the weekend to watch Floyd Mayweather square off against John Gotti III at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

At some point, the women crossed paths backstage and came to blows. Joseline held Lex in a headlock and unleashed a fury of blows that left Lex topless and wigless.

Earlier in the evening, someone had tossed a drink at Joseline, but it is unclear if this is what led to the blows. Lex was left looking completely shaken.

Video of the fight has surfaced online and has everyone shaken. Joseline was later arrested with her mugshot hitting the net. TMZ shared the image where she looked under the influence and very unhappy.

The incident is only days removed from Joselines fight with Amber Rose. The women are currently on College Hill and had a spat about race. Hernandez believed Rose was only claiming her blackness when it benefited her but preferred to identify as white. The women then engaged in a smack fest that BET “respectfully” left out of the edit.

Fans online were not happy about this and took to social media to demand the fight be shown. Joseline alluded to mashing Amber Rose’s head up against a glass.

For those waiting to see the College Hill fight, the Lex fight will have to do. Mayweather and Gotti’s team also came to blows during the match, making the whole night a real treat for crowd goers.

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