Joseline Hernandez Claims Kardashians-Jenners Stole Her Style

Reality stars and social media stars are the new rockstars and have been for a while now. You are more prone to seeing someone from television or Instagram on a runway more than actually models these days. Arguably the most famous woman on both unscripted television and social media is the Kardashian family. While many credit them for setting the trends, fellow reality star Joseline Hernandez believes the ladies are actually borrowing from herself and women like her from “the streets.”

While guest-hosting on The Real in 2019, Joseline Hernandez was asked to play a game of who wore it better. The options were herself or the youngest Kardashian, Kylie Jenner. In a side-by-side clip, the woman are both shown wearing the same purple thigh-high Balenciaga boots. The original comparison was done by popular gossip site Baller Alert, but the ladies of The Real wanted to ask Ms. Hernandez her thoughts. Joseline of course picked herself but not just for the sake of ego. According to Joseline, all the sisters follower her and women like her and copy their style.

“First off I’m her momma,” declared Joseline. “I’m the mother of all mothers. She copies me, Kim K copies me. They all do.” She went on to say that the Kardashian women are simply copying looks from regular women in the hood. “The real street looks come from the streets. Girls like me who don’t have the money, imma make it work out. I’m a fashionista. All the girls that make the blogs copy my stuff. This is what they want to be. So I definitely wore it better.”

This is not the first time the ladies have been accused of copying or stealing looks. A simple google search of the phrase “Kardashian’s copying” returns several videos and blogs, some as recent as yesterday, showing the sisters pulling inspiration from women of color. Beyonce seems to be the main comparison for lead Kardashian Kim, with Clevver News claiming Kim copied Queen Bey in a recent photoshoot. While they agree, “who wouldn’t want to copy Beyonce!?” they admit that a recent promotional shoot for Skims too things a little too far and too closely resembled Beyonce and her Ivy Park line.

Kim’s shape-wear line just dropped their latest color palette for their “signature compression” and has the former Mrs. West standing from and center in a wavy blonde wig and black glasses. She looks so much like Beyonce it’s scary. One person summed up everyone’s thoughts in the comments re-sharing the infamous clip of Tiffany “New York” Pollard asking a delusional Flavor of Love contested “Beyonce!?” after the woman said she looked liked the “Crazy in Love” singer. Another person shared a gif of Beyonce performing her song “Resentment” with the line “She ain’t even half of me.”

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