Joseline Hernandez Tried To Turn Uncle Clifford Out While On Set Of P. Valley, Explicitly Told Actor She Would Have Him

This season of P-Valley brought forth a lot of excitement and thrilling surprises. Viewers of the critically acclaimed show went down to “The Pynk” every week and were granted a guest appearance in almost every episode.

But one particular guest actress was so smitten by Uncle Clifford’s in-person appearance compared to his on-screen appearance that she decided to shoot her shot at the actor. Unfortunately, the shot was all brick.

P-Valley viewers went “down to the valley where the girls get naked” to view their favorite entertainers like “Mercedes” (played by Brandee Evans), “Keyshawn, aka Mississippi” (Shannon Thornton), and more.

But season 2 titillated its audience with many surprises. One of those that appeared to many a fans’ surprise was Big Freedia. When the show first debuted, many viewers caused a stir after it was revealed that the role of Uncle Clifford was offered to the New Orleans bounce artist.

She tweeted that she was initially called to play the part but didn’t know what happened. Eventually, the role was given to Nicco Annan, who has been receiving large amounts of acclaim for his portrayal of Uncle Clifford. 

Big Freedia, who recently has been reeling off his collaboration on the chart-topping Beyonce single “Break My Soul,” was featured in episode 3 of the second season. She is tasked with introducing Lil Murda to the stage as he performs one of his latest hits.

Another prominent artist to grace The Pynk’s stage was Megan Thee Stallion. The Houston Hottie appeared as her alter ego, Tina Snow, to feature along with Lil Murda on their collaboration “Get It On The Floor.” Their performance was also pivotal as it was also during Mercedes’s return to the stage.

Her presence was also felt throughout the season as she was constantly mentioned with a co-headlining tour with Lil Murda. Durrell Smylie, aka Relly B. the viral sensation, best known for his “Where The Money Reside” hit, was featured on the second episode of this latest season.

Finally, we have the unsuspecting appearance of reality star Joseline Hernandez. The Puerto Rican Princess appeared in the 5th episode, centered around Keyshawn and her abusive boyfriend’s background.

The former Love and Hip Hop star was tasked to play her fairy godmother, appearing to Keyshawn at The Pynk. Uncle Clifford actor Nicco Annan recently shared an interesting behind-the-scene moment from the taping of that episode. 

Of course, P-Valley viewers are aware of Uncle Clifford’s apparel on the show, often dressing in wigs and women’s clothing. But in real life, his appearance shocked Joseline Hernandez. 

Nicco Annan was a guest on Bill Bellamy’s Top Billin’ show, where he detailed their interaction. According to the actor, Joseline Hernandez looked at him and said she thought he’d altered his body to play Uncle Clifford on television.

“You look so soft on TV. You just… you look like a woman body,” he claims Hernandez said. But her demeanor changed once Joseline Hernandez got a good look at Nicco Annan. Jokingly, the Joseline’s Cabaret star expressed that she “could [expletive]” the actor. Check out the hilarious interaction below.

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